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  1. J

    Pressure exerted on the end of a pool

    Homework Statement Consider a trough with triangular ends, as pictured below, where the tank is 10 feet long, the top is 5 feet wide, and the tank is 4 feet deep. Say that the trough is full to within 1 foot of the top with water of weight density 62.4 pounds/ft^3. How much force does the...
  2. L

    Summation for calc II

    Homework Statement (summation from 1 to 100) Σ (1/k) - (1/(k+1)) [/B] Homework Equations Σc = cn Σi = (n(n+1))/2[/B] The Attempt at a Solution I can only find summation equations for variables in the numerator. I'm not sure how to even start this problem. [/B]
  3. A

    Calc 2 Integration Area Problem

    Homework Statement Please help me solve the calc problem pictured! Homework Equations y=3-x^2 and y=x+1 The Attempt at a Solution My attempt is in one of the photos!
  4. A

    Finding the limits of integration and quadratic formula

    Homework Statement Please look at the photo! Homework Equations -x^2+4x=x^2-6x+5 The Attempt at a Solution I got 2x^2-10x+5 but it says it's wrong
  5. PhysicsCollegeGirl

    Power Series help please

    Homework Statement [/B] There are three problems that I am struggling with. 1. ∑[k2(x-2)k]/[3k] 2. ∑[(x-4)n]/[(n)(-9)n] 3. ∑[2k(x-3)k]/[k(k+1)] The Attempt at a Solution On the first two I am having problems finding the end-points of the interval of convergence. I use the ratio test. 1...
  6. jlmccart03

    Series: Determine if they are convergent or divergent

    Homework Statement I have a couple of series where I need to find out if they are convergent (absolute/conditional) or divergent. Σ(n3/3n Σk(2/3)k Σ√n/1+n2 Σ(-1)n+1*n/n^2+9 Homework Equations Comparison Test Ratio Test Alternating Series Test Divergence Test, etc The Attempt at a...
  7. G

    Admissions Transfering from CC, got a C in calc2. Am I screwed?

    I want to major in computer and electrical engineering physics. I don't actually know much about the specifics, but I've been an electrical engineering hobbyist since high school, I built my own desktop computer and enjoy programing in C++, and I study some physics in my free time. All I know is...
  8. S

    Taylor Series

    Homework Statement Find the Taylor Series for f(x)=1/x about a center of 3. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution f'(x)=-x^-2 f''(x)=2x^-3 f'''(x)=-6x^-4 f''''(x)=24x^-5 ... f^n(x)=-1^n * (x)^-(n+1) * (x-3)^n I'm not sure where I went wrong...
  9. Abscissas

    Alternative examples, alternating series test

    Hey guys, this one is just for funnsies. So when dealing with an alternating series test, 3 requirements must be met, : Alternating u(sub n) ≥ u(sub n+1) for all n ≥ N, for some integer N u(sub n) → 0 as n → ∞. So I have been coming up with examples where of these are true, and one isnt. A...