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Taking good notes fast - on computer? By hand? software?

  1. Mar 7, 2014 #1
    Hi, So i'm studying Chemistry and biology and I'd like to hear your advice on notetaking. Perhaps some of you can help me find some good software for taking notes faster? First let me paint the picture for you:

    Whenever I learn a new subject such as electrochemistry or Entropy etc., I like to make small notes on my computer which summerize the main points of a subject in a very understandable way, and then a guide on how to use fx Electropotential charts, or Enthalpy charts etc. The reason for doing this is simply to save lot's of time in later studies. Let's say one year after i took an electrochhemistry course, i read some material which assumes a basic understanding of electrochemistry - Then i can just use my search function on my PC and retrieve my "quick electrochemistry notes" describing how electrochemistry works in a nutshell, instead of having to go through a big textbook with a lot of text and vague explanations (Huge time saver for later courses!)

    Here is the problem:
    I write text faster on a computer than i can by hand, but I write equations a lot faster by hand than i can do in word 2010. Also I like to include drawings into my notes, but i find it takes a long time to draw things by hand, take a picture with my iphone, and copy the drawings into my notes.

    What would be a good solution to this problem? Is there a good software which allows me to write mathmatical equations or chemical equations faster than the Word 2010 equation editor? How do you guys/girls take good notes that you can use for later?
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