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Taking Numerical Analysis next semester. How should I prepare?

  1. Dec 3, 2012 #1
    Hi. I'm a math major but this semester I couldn't take any math class except for a stats course. I already took introductory linear algebra and calc III, which were the prereqs for the numerical analysis.

    However, I'm on academic probation and really need to get stellar grades next semester. What are some very important concepts I should have complete mastery over before tackling numerical analysis?

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    Can't answer your question, but I would ask my instructor if I were you and I would get the text book in advance and start reading.
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    What is the course description.
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    It depends. I would find someone who has taken the class and ask them what kind of projects were done. My numerical analysis classes mostly dealt with learning theory of some technique (which was the easy part) and then using it in some program, so thus it would behoove you to be comfortable with whatever program they require.
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