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B Tally of all types of energy in the nucleus

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    Has anyone ever tried to tally the complete energy associated with an atomic nucleus. For example, here is a partial list:

    Total electric repulsion of protons within a nucleus
    Total kinetic energy of protons with a nucleus
    Total color-charge potential energy within a nucleus

    Kinetic energy due to quarks within a nucleus?
    If the protons are in motion, would they contribute a magnetic energy to the nucleus of the atom?
    If the quarks are in motion, do they contribute a magnetic color energy to the nucleus?

    Question marks mean that I am not sure if the question even makes sense.
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    The semi-empirical mass formula splits the nuclear interactions into several groups. Note that those groups are somewhat arbitrary.
    The mass of the protons comes from QCD binding energy (99%) and the mass of the quarks (1%). It is possible to split up the QCD binding energy in something that looks like a kinetic energy of the quarks, but that is problematic.

    The overall nucleus can have a magnetic field. It doesn't make sense to look for individual protons (or neutrons) as origin - they are indistinguishable, you cannot say "proton 1 did that". It is produced by the whole nucleus.
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    Excellent! That is what I am looking for. I will read through it and see if I have any other questions.
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