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Teachers: Double Their Salary and Quantity

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    Teachers: Double Their Salary and Quantity

    Few things are more important to our national longevity, wellbeing, and security than well educated citizens. Nothing of such importance is so misunderstood and ignored in America.

    I suspect that this important matter lacks sophisticated understanding by Americans because adult Americans had a poor education.

    I claim that our education policy results from the intentionality of those who strongly affect public policy rather than misunderstanding by the citizens. I claim that the power of Corporate America greatly determines our public policy and thus our educational system, which is designed to graduate good producers and consumers.

    I think that adult Americans must resist the temptation to store their critical intellect with their year-book in the attic when their school daze are over.

    To lend support for my claim I have copied this paragraph from an article “Don’t Blame All Borrowers” from the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/04/25/AR2008042502783.html

    “Yet millions of families got into financial trouble simply because they understood that life is graded on the curve. The best jobs go to graduates from the best colleges, and because only the best-prepared students are accepted to those colleges, it is quixotic to expect parents to bypass an opportunity to send their children to the best elementary and secondary schools they can. The financial deregulation that enabled them to bid ever larger amounts for houses in the best school districts essentially guaranteed a housing bubble that would leave millions of families dangerously overextended.”
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    I don't see any real arguments in that post and you don't even mention your thesis, much less attempt to defend it.
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    American schools fare better than Norwegian schools academically, and ours are fully funded by the state (the few families sending their children to the few private schools here get approx 80% refund from the state)

    So, all these calls for more public funding are not, in US interest..
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    And software engineers too.
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