What is Salary: Definition and 77 Discussions

A salary is a form of payment from an employer to an employee, which may be specified in an employment contract. It is contrasted with piece wages, where each job, hour, or other unit is paid separately, rather than on a periodic basis.
From the point of view of running a business, salary can also be viewed as the cost of acquiring and retaining human resources for running operations, and is then termed personnel expense or salary expense. In accounting, salaries are recorded on payroll accounts.
Salary is a fixed amount of money or compensation paid to an employee by an employer in return for work performed. Salary is commonly paid in fixed intervals, for example, monthly payments of one-twelfth of the annual salary.
Salary is typically determined by comparing market pay rates for people performing similar work in similar industries in the same region. Salary is also determined by leveling the pay rates and salary ranges established by an individual employer. Salary is also affected by the number of people available to perform the specific job in the employer's employment locale.

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  1. N

    Write A Linear Equation for Monthly Salary + Commission

    Write a linear equation for the application. A pharmaceutical salesperson receives a monthly salary of $5000 plus a commission of 7% of sales. Write a linear equation for the salesperson’s monthly wage W in terms of monthly sales S. Solution: I am looking for W(S). S = monthly sales Let...
  2. N

    What Really Matters in Job Satisfaction: Beyond Salary?

    How satisfied are you with your salary at work? Do you know what your peers are getting based on work gossip or just asking directly? Does your university/company/organization implement a pay transparency policy?
  3. Arya888

    What is the Salary for a Physics Scientist in the US or Canada?

    Hello I'm from Iran I love physics And I want to continue in physics and go to the US or Canada but because of my current financial situation I can't and I'm trying to leave Iran. But when I read about the rights and benefits of physics everywhere in the world, I get frustrated, not like my...
  4. E

    Employer contribution from salary

    In general, is the employer contribution (I am not sure what that is) deducted from the employee salary? Is it normal to receive an offer saying that the income tax, and the employee and employer contributions will be deducted from that salary offer?
  5. M

    MHB Find Constant % of Annual Salary to Reach Retirement Goal

    Hello, this is my first post. I need to solve some problems for my class, and I got stuck with this one. The problem (this is a translation): Your father has just turned 50 (t = 0) and wants to retire in 15 years (t = 15). He thinks he will live 25 years after retirement, until he is 90 years...
  6. M

    MHB How to Calculate the Updated Salary Ratio in a Factory?

    The ratio of the monthly salary of a factory worker to that of his supervisor is 1:4, how much is the monthly salary of the supervisor if the factory worker earns 16,000.00 dollars if the factory worker is given 2,000.00 dollars increase, what is the now ratio of factory worker monthly salary to...
  7. Grands

    Engineering Is there a significant difference in salary between physicists and engineers?

    Hi guys, I have a short question. In the US or Australia, or UK, Physicist and engineer has almost the same salary, or the are big differences ? Thanks.
  8. G

    MHB Calculating On-Costs: USD 10 Gross Salary

    Hey, Gross Salary is USD 10 (Gross salary is 60% of Net Salary) Flight on-cost = 3% of Net salary Transport on-cost - 5% of Net salary Medical on-cost = 3% of Net Salary Accommodation on-cost = 22% of Net Salary Gratuity on-cost = 9% of Net Salary (On-costs total 40% of Net Salary) How do I...
  9. F

    Physics Working at Livermore or Berkeley Lab - Salary and Lifestyle?

    Hey Physics Forums, I have what might be a dumb question but I think it's one that a lot of professional physicists can answer. I also think it's one that a lot of people like me might be curious to know the answer. Context for me is I'm a graduate student trying to understand my future...
  10. Gjmdp

    Physics Astronomer Salaries: How Much Do They Make?

    When watching astronomer salaries here in Physics forums, it makes clear that they don't get paid much, like 50k on average if you are a super star of Physics. Now, when I watch sites like http://www1.salary.com/Astronomer-Salaries.html and https://www.sokanu.com/careers/astronomer/salary/ it...
  11. dkotschessaa

    Math Major Overcomes Adversity: Hired for Higher Salary

    Well, the "companies like math majors for their logical thinking" thing turns out not to be just a myth perpetrated by math professors. I was just informed I will be hired here permanently with a much higher salary once my contract ends. (The one I am currently unable to sustain my family on)...
  12. Sagant

    How is retirement in your country?

    Hi, this thread is not exactly a "Career Guidance", but it is rather about how it will end. If it does not belong here, I apologize. [Note from mentor: I've moved this from Career Guidance to General Discussion. Please keep this as factual as possible, and avoid contentious political arguments...
  13. M

    Solve for salary given averages of other salaries

    My wife is working on problems to study for the GMAT, and asks her fellow math nerd (me) to help on some of them. Originally I had an error and wanted to see if any of you could help me find it, but as I was typing I found it myself! Can I still put this up in case someone stumbles on it and it...
  14. S

    Physics What career options that pay well can I get with a MS in Physics

    hello, So I'm currently enrolled in an MS physics program thesis option.This is my first semester and I have realized that I will not pursue a PhD. I know my university offers ms in physics with a profesional track to which I will have to do some form of internship. In the case that I decide to...
  15. M

    Engineering Why are aerospace engineers paid more than MechE's?

    Everyone says that the classes are basically the same, with different examples. So why are the aerospace engineers paid more by companies? And what are the differences in the job description of an aerospace engineer and a mechanical engineer both working in aerospace?
  16. M

    MHB What Was John's Salary After Giving His Mother 55%?

    At first, John wanted to give 30% of his salary to his mother. Finally, he decided to give her 55% of his salary but he would have $1,200 less for himself. How much was his salary? - - - Updated - - - Let x be John's Salary x (55%) = -$1200 x= 2181.1818?
  17. K

    Bioinformatics MS program at Northeastern [Boston]

    Hello everyone, m a medico.. i was wondering how's the bioinformatics MS program at Northeastern[Boston].. Does their co-op program guarantee a job? how are the salaries initially? would be a great help if someone shares any info.
  18. W

    Advice/opinion on job opportunities based on country

    hello! I'm at my 6th sem(doing my internship semester) of my engineering studies in Mechanical Engineering (major Automotive) in an University of Applied Science in Germany. I'll be doing my thesis writing at my university next semester and considering to continue my Masters in either Mechanical...
  19. S

    There is a very low correlation between salary and ....

    I am early in my career and trying to pursue a career in software engineering (I use that term broadly). Like any normal person, I eventually want to make good money, hopefully around 6 figures. I assumed that there would be a direct correlation between how sophisticated a software job is and...
  20. B

    What salary could I expect from Volvo summer co-op?

    I'm from eastern Europe so i was really surprised to get a call from Volvo that I have naively applied to for a summer co-op internship. The problem is that the summer is short and it would require me to travel to and from USA which is expensive. What pay could i expect from such work and would...
  21. J

    Studying both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering?

    Hello! Right now I'm having some trouble deciding whether to continue studying just Electrical Engineering or besides that also start studying Mechanical Engineering. I have heard about mechatronics but that degree is not taught here. I would like to know from you which career you think has...
  22. M

    Is a Career in Academia or Industry More Financially Viable for Scientists?

    Now I'm in the middle phase of finishing my master degree in physics with focus on photonics. The next step I would like to pursue is actually a PhD position, but there is something that I also need to consider regarding the choice of field I am going to choose for my PhD research. The thing is...
  23. tanmay

    What are skills needed to get good job in aeronautical engineering?

    Sir I have completed my 12th I have joined Btech course in Aeronautical engineering. My Course is starting on next month. So Sir I want to which skills are required to get highest paying job in reputed companies as aeronautical engineer, So I can develop this skills in my course.
  24. tanmay

    Engineering What is salary of an aeronautical engineer?

    Sir It is my dream to become aeronautical engineer. So I want to know what is Minimum & Maximum Salary of aeronautical engineer in India & Out of India? Is Aeronautical engineering has really good scope in future?
  25. VoloD

    Engineering Salary concerns for Engineers (Degree Level Matter ?)

    I am not sure if this would deem another thread but I wanted to ask if school and/or degree level (BS, MS,PhD) has meaningful bearing on starting salary with electrical engineering. I know that there are people who can make 100k with BS and people who make 50k with MS. However there is a...
  26. C

    MSc Computational Physics: career options & salary?

    I have a BSc of Physics from a different university. I start my MSc of Computational Physics next semester (I've just been taking courses at the new university this semester). I am an above-average programmer with a pretty good background in CS theory. I am very multidisciplinary and have lots...
  27. T

    What do NukeE consulting jobs pay these days?

    Just curious. I am getting my B.S. in NukeE this December from Missouri S&T, and going immediately back for my Ph.D. I would like to make ridiculous amounts of money with a future Ph.D, if possible.
  28. Greg Bernhardt

    What are the top science job salaries and resources available?

    All data is for entry level and are national averages. Please plug in your zip code and select a different career level for better precision of information. Physicists http://swz.salary.com/SalaryWizard/Physicist-I-Salary-Details.aspx Mathematician...
  29. R

    Is the Salary for a Postdoc in Krakow Enough to Live Comfortably?

    Dear All, Curious to know about postdoc fellowship amount. Is it really very low as 3160 polish zloty (=760 EUR) per month? Is it sufficient for two person to live in Krakow with this salary? How much would be the house rent (i cook myself)? Is it possible to save some money? Thanks all...
  30. S

    Engineering Salary in Electrical Engineering

    Hello, I am wondering about average (real) salary in electrical engineering field in USA (and another countries), especially at microelectronic and SoC design. Out of my curiosity I also would like to ask about teachers salary. Is there anyone who could give me some insight, if my question is...
  31. C

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering: Jobs, Salary, & Aerospace

    I am thinking about being a mechanical engineer but there are a few things I wanted to take into account before I picked this field. First, the amount of available jobs is important. Second, salary. I'm not a money crazed person but I plan on raising a family. I want to be able to pay...
  32. I

    Adding an expected salary into CV

    Is it a good idea to add an expected range of salary at the beginning of one's CV (in case one would like to apply for a job in a company that offers a negotiable price) ? Yesterday I added mine into one CV to post for a developer position. (I don't think they agree to pay me that high, so I...
  33. 4

    Physics Salary of Physicists: Hear From Experts

    I was curious of the salary of Physicists,and since most of you guys are physicists, you will provide a more... Understandable and truthful experience then Google. I don't care if I'm getting payed pennies on the dollar, as long as I'm a Physicist. I'm just curious.
  34. J

    Contractor work for a photonics startup: Salary?

    Hi Folks, I am defending my doctorate in physics this June and was offered, very informally, a position at a photonics startup. The company is very small so only does contract work (read: no benefits). They asked me what I wanted for compensation and I have no idea what ask for or what the...
  35. T

    Is this a good salary for a software developer?

    I'm fresh out of college (21 years old) and i was recently offered an offer for 25/hour (40 hours) as an entry level software developer. My original plan was to go to graduate school but, ~52,000+ sounds too good for me to pass up. The company also supports its employees by paying for them to...
  36. B

    Salary for an aerospace engineer

    Hello, I recently received a job offer from an aerospace engineer firm to work for them, but I think they are paying too low. I'm a degreed engineer with about 10 years of experience in the industry but non-managerial. I estimate that the median salary for someone in my position is $93,000...
  37. E

    Nuc.Engineer (MS/PhD) salary range in Europe

    Does anybody know approximately the range of salaries of the nuclear engineers holding a MS and/or PhD, in European countries ? Any information is welcome. Thanks!
  38. B

    Physics Salary of An Astrophysicist with a PhD?

    Ok so ever since I've been little I wanted to be a doctor but getting farther into my undergraduate work I really enjoy working in astrophysics...but the catch is i like money. Cal my greedy or whatever but I like medicine both as mind stimulation and obviously outstanding pay. My question is...
  39. A

    Physics What is the annual salary for a Physicist with a degree or Master's degree?

    Hi, I will be starting college (grade 11 and 12 in the UK) in September 2012. I am very interested in Physics and Maths. I have always showed brilliance in those two subjects even in my early childhood. So I am planning to go for a Physics Master's Degree. I have a lot of family to support and I...
  40. K

    Average salary for a new assistant professor in Mathematics.

    I really like Mathematics and wondering for the salary for a new assistant professor in the subject.
  41. M

    Physics Physics professor salary question

    I know some professors at my school do research- obviously. But some don't. Does my physics professor get paid more for doing research? Or does something fun like that come out of their own pay? Like do they have to finance it themselves?
  42. J

    Entry Mech Eng salary lower than expected?

    I have been going on interviews lately and the salaries offered seem to be way lower than what I've researched from salary.com and other websites. according to these sites I am supposed to get between 50k-60k for Entry Level engineer but the reality is more like 20k-40k from what I've seen so...
  43. Saladsamurai

    Engineering Where to find reliable salary averages for Engineers?

    So it's time to get out there and get a job. All throughout school they feed you a line about how much you should be making, but it's time to get real now. I am looking for good resources on where I can learn what I should expect to be making with my qualifications, experience, and in my...
  44. J

    Would you say that these salary by degree statistics are accurate?

    Would you say that these "salary by degree" statistics are accurate? http://www.payscale.com/best-colleges/degrees.asp I know it's rude to ask people how much they make, but if you guys don't mind, could you at least tell me if these numbers are realistic, compared to what you've seen? This...
  45. jtbell

    News Get laid off but keep your salary

    From More layoffs looming on Wall Street (cnn.com):
  46. L

    Engineering What is a impressive salary for an Electrical Engineer

    what would you consider an impressive and or respectable salary (range) for an Electrical Engineer with 12 years of experience?
  47. B

    Salary Expectations / When to Apply

    I was curious about my salary expectations for the South East area in Electrical Engineering. I have my BSEE and will be finishing up my MSEE this year (May 2012). My gpa's are decent, 3.4 and 4.0 respectively. I have had 2 internships and am the president of an honor society and am...
  48. T

    Is $17-$18 an Hour Enough for a Chemistry Graduate with Research Experience?

    I'm graduating with a BSc in Chemistry and I've got a couple years academic research experience but no industrial. I'm applying for a lot of Chem I/Lab Tech jobs and I'm planning on requesting between $17 and $18 an hour. Is this too much/too little?
  49. B

    Am I setting my salary requirement too low?

    I have a B.S. in mechanical engineering and internship experience. I have been setting my minimum salary as $35,000 when employers push me for a number. I think this is low enough so that they would almost never choose a different candidate based on affordability. I do not really care about...
  50. J

    Is it wrong to pursue a career in medicine for the salary?

    Yes, I've heard the cliches "money doesn't buy you happiness" and "do what you love", but my question is why? About me: I am a junior engineering student who plans to purse a career in medicine. I figure that since I really don't have a passion for one particular subject I might as well...