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Teachers More Likely to Develop Speech Disorders

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    I find this baffling. Is the implication that people with latent progressive speech disorder are attracted to teaching, or is it that teaching exacerbates some universal vulnerability to this condition?
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    The first thing I noticed in the abstract was this:
    So they were examining a group that participated in their own selection. Some part of this could be caused by teachers having a higher standard of diction for themselves. A construction worker who starts to forget words or develops problems with pronunciation is not likely to become alarmed enough to mention it to a doctor - or will allow it to progress much further before mentioning it. And, of course, it's not just their own standards for themselves - it's also society's expectation of teachers. During a routine physical, a doctor is more likely to become alerted to sloppy speech from a teacher than from an engineer.

    I'm not saying that this is the explanation. What I am saying is that the study is not controlled for that effect.
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