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B Teleportation of large objects?

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    Has teleportation ever been able to teleport the information of an entire atom? I feel like I've only seen electrons being teleported (with changes in spin being measured) and it makes me wonder how the teleportation of something like an apple would work. It seems like you would need to have all the same elements that make up an apple on the other side in order for the information to be transported.
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    It won't work, and no one has ever seriously suggested that it might.

    Because you're talking about moving the information, you probably already understand that the term "quantum teleportation" is a misnomer. No physical object is being teleported, we're just setting something up at the destination to be in the exact same state as something at the source. A macroscopic object like an apple doesn;t have an "exact same" quantum state to replicate.
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