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Homework Help: Terminal speed and forces question

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    A 72.0 kg skydiver can be modeled as a rectangular "box" with dimensions 24.0 cm\times 47.0 cm\times 178 cm.

    All I know is drag is a force so F=m*a or d=m*g which is 705.6N. After this I have no idea what to do. Any help?
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    What is the question about? You are providing a set of values but what is it that the question
    really wan?
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    What is his terminal speed if he falls feet first?
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    Clue to get u started.. If the person is at terminal speed, the resultant force will be equals to zero. Therefore, his weight - drag force will be equals to zero. Therefore, weight will be equal to drag force. Then by using the formula for drag force, you will be able to find the terminal velocity of the skydiver.
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