Tesseract: 4D Shape Constructed? Fact or Fiction?

In summary, the tesseract, also known as a hypercube, is a mathematical object that cannot be drawn on paper. It has found applications in various fields, and its projections to 2 dimensions are just representations of its higher-dimensional form. The construction of a tesseract can be imagined as connecting parallel cubes in 4-dimensional space.
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iam sorry if this is crackpottery,but is it true that a 4 dimensional figure*called the tesseract has been constructed,i came across this over the net.*kindly rebuke me if iam not abiding with the rules of pf.
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What do you mean by "constructed"?
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Have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesseract it will probably answer all your questions. Assuming with constructed you don't mean built from wood.
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i mean not exactly constructed,but is the tesseract true,i mean how can a 4d object be
drawn on paper.the link what you gave was where i saw earlier on tesseract,i want
a better explanation.
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The tesseract is not a statement that can be "true" or "false". It's a mathematical object. A 4D object cannot be drawn on paper. The pictures you see of the tesseract are just projections, just like you can project a 3D object onto paper.
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has the tesseract found its applications in various fields,and on what basis has this been
projected?,i mean considering what as the 4th dimension has this been projected?
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That question was answered in the wikipedia link.

Projections to 2 dimensions

The construction of a hypercube can be imagined the following way:

* 1-dimensional: Two points A and B can be connected to a line, giving a new line segment AB.
* 2-dimensional: Two parallel line segments AB and CD can be connected to become a square, with the corners marked as ABCD.
* 3-dimensional: Two parallel squares ABCD and EFGH can be connected to become a cube, with the corners marked as ABCDEFGH.
* 4-dimensional: Two parallel cubes ABCDEFGH and IJKLMNOP can be connected to become a hypercube, with the corners marked as ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP.

1. What is a tesseract?

A tesseract is a four-dimensional shape that is constructed by adding a fourth dimension to a cube. It is also known as a hypercube.

2. How is a tesseract constructed?

A tesseract is constructed by taking a cube and adding a fourth dimension perpendicular to the three existing dimensions. This creates a shape with 8 cubes connected by 24 squares and 32 edges.

3. Is a tesseract a real shape or just a concept?

A tesseract is a real shape that exists mathematically, but it is difficult to visualize in our three-dimensional world. It is often used as a concept to help explain higher dimensions.

4. Can a tesseract be seen or touched?

In our three-dimensional world, we cannot see or touch a tesseract. However, with the help of technology, we can create visual representations of a tesseract on a two-dimensional screen or paper.

5. Are there any real-world applications of a tesseract?

Although we may not be able to see or touch a tesseract in the physical world, it has many practical applications in fields such as mathematics, physics, and computer science. Tesseracts are also used in science fiction and other media as a way to explore the concept of higher dimensions.

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