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Tetrachromats see more colors than trichromats

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    Apparently, women can have a fourth cone that allows them to see a greater diversity of colors...?

    non-peer-reviewed article:

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    This bit probably isn't right. All the extra hues would be expected to be crammed into a narrow range because the doubled-up pigment varients are so close to each other. So it would be like seeing many more hues of yellowy-orange rather than extra hues across the whole colour spectrum.

    At least one of the women in the earlier tests about 10 years ago, who was keen on tapestry, complained she could never find the right shades of orange yarn because manufacturers left great gaps in this part of the spectrum.
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    This may help to explain why so many of my xy friends can't tell maize from sunglow.
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    This is patently unfair and sexist! I want 4 cones!!!!
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