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Thanks for the A grade in my class

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    I used Physics Forum a bit last semester to help on the homework, and it helped out a lot. Thanks.
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    You're welcome. The bill for the services is in the mail.

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    As long as it is cheaper than chegg. . . . .
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    Excellent! I am glad that you found us helpful.

    Out of curiosity, how did you find PF helpful? I notice that you don't have any other posts besides here, so we probably didn't directly answer any of your questions. So how did you use the site so effectively?
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    Nice trick, genius!
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    I used it with google when I searched a Question out of the text, but I signed up with this app called Tapatalk. I was bored and saw PhysicsForum, so I thought I would sign up. Not having homework is kind of boring so I must find ways to entertain myself, i never thought of signing up so maybe next semester i'll post replies on the questions I enjoy answers on from you guys.
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