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The action principle in quantum theory

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    I wonder is there exist a way to deduct the conserved current equation, generator of

    the symmetry transformation and so on from a total quantum L with the help of action


    Many books i have seen deduct the physical quantity from the classical L or construct

    the quantum generator from the comparasion with classical one.

    Thanks for reply!
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    What you call "quantum L" is called effective action in the path integral formalism. There are so-called Ward-identities corresponding to a "quantized charge conservation". But the construction of the conserved charge is always done before quantization = at the classical level.

    Within quantum (field) theory one has to proof that the corresponding operator identities / Ward-identities continue to exist w/o anomaly.

    The path integral formalism is rather close to the classical one when it comes to conserved quantities as it is based on an action integral, no operators.
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    Thanks! You give me a guide to learn more knowledge on effective action!
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