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The fields of applied mathematics

  1. Oct 21, 2012 #1
    What kind of mathematical disciplines/fields take part in what's called "applied mathematics"?

    As far as I know, it's Differential Equations, Calculus, Statistics and Linear Algebra. What other fields are there? I'm sure there are some others.
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    There are many others: graph theory and combinatorics--the traveling salesman problem, the postage-stamp problem, analysis and design of algorithms; number theory in cryptography, etc.

    I'm not an applied mathematician, but AFAIK, many areas once thought to have a purely theoretical scope have found real-world applications.
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    Where I studied, the above (and others, like Optimisation) took the umbrella title of Operations Research, and were described generically as non-physical applied.
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    I'm assuming that applied mathematics refers to the use of mathematics to (help) solve

    general real-world problems; I think the cases I stated fall under this category, despite ,

    maybe not having what one would call physical (maybe engineering, mostly) applications.
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    Haruspex, maybe the OP can explain better what s/he meant. Otherwise,

    only option seems to be to make assumptions about what the actual question was.

    Would you ex[and, OP?
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    By applied mathematics I mean mathematics which is very frequently used for the real world applications and sciences. Ex: Calculus, linear algebra, statistics, etc.
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    That would normally be called "applicable mathematics". "Applied mathematics" refers to the actual application of mathematics. But there are very few forms of mathematics that don't get some application. "Number theory" is used in breaking codes and "group theory" is used in quantum mechanics, "differential goemetry" in relativity.
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    Halls of Ivy has, of course, brought up the oldest and longest application of mathematics - geometry.

    These days there are many aspects of mathematics with geometry in the title, you are looking at one now that is used to show the pictures on your screen.

    And where would you place trigonometry, complex analysis, orthogonal transformations, variational methods,
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