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The first female rose-breasted grosbeak just showed up!

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    I love these birds! The males are wonderful singers. The females are mottled brown and white, to help hide their nests against predators and protect the babies. They are coming north sooner and sooner though, and I wonder what will happen to the other birds as the weather gets warmer and allows other species to creep toward us earlier and earlier. As much as I like colorful song-birds, I want to see chickadees, nuthatches, creepers, and other species that have been fixtures since my childhood. Yes, I am greedy enough not to want change (at least not in my birds!).

    I hope to get another nesting pair of common yellow-throats around here this year. They are quite diligent about patrolling my garden and picking bugs off the tomatoes, chilies, etc. Nice calls (not long enough to be "songs") and very good neighbors. The male would post himself on a garden-stake and watch over his mate while she would explore all the garden plants to gather bugs to feed the nestlings.
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    I was at Pt Defiance Park last night. It was warm and sunny, which probably explains why there were so many juvenile males watching all the Double-Breasted Bed Thrashers.
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    Does that make them Hornithologists?
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    I must get that addendum to Peterson's. Is it published by Larry Flynt, or Hefner enterprises?
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