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B The Higgs Mass and the Many worlds interpretation

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    I have a question about the Many worlds interpretation. Does the observed mass of the Higgs boson suggest that the many worlds interpretation is incorrect, as the mass falls smack in the middle of the predicted values of both supersymmetry and multiverse interpretations of the standard model of particle physics. I'm in no way surprised that reality threw this swerveball but am I misunderstanding the point here? Am I confusing multiverse with many-worlds?
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    The predictions of the many-world's (also known as many universe's) interpretation is equivalent to standard Quantum Mechanics. I haven't seen any refutation of QM from the Higgs mass.
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    There is no way to tell the difference between standard QM using just the formalism and MW. MW, like most interpretations, has deliberately been cooked up to be like that.

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    No I haven't heard anything seriously refuting it either, however, the multiverse interpretation in particle physics (which I was assuming is just the same thing as Many-worlds in QM) predicts a Higgs Mass of 140 GeV. The Supersymmetry interpretation predicts 115 GeV. The observed value was 125 GeV.

    I am just scratching my head now as are most proffessors I would imagine.
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    They are different ie the Multiverse theory is different to MW. First I have heard of those different predictions.

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    I was trying to remember where I heard it. It was a documentary which was about the Higgs discovery, I think it was called Particle fever. Good movie, gives a lot of insight. It may well be that I misunderstood or misheard. I should watch it again. I do recommend it though.
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    My question was about many-worlds, though as you say Bill, they are not quite the same thing, so I guess it's not relevant.

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