The logical impossibility of proving that indeterminism is true?

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In summary, there is a debate on whether our universe is deterministic or indeterministic. However, it is logically impossible to prove the indeterministic nature of our universe, even with experimental ideas and results. This is not a philosophical discussion, as it cannot be conclusively resolved and does not have a criterion for ending the discussion. Therefore, it is not something that is discussed on this platform, as it falls under the realm of metaphysics and philosophy.
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One interesting question is whether our universe, our reality, is deterministic, or indeterministic.

And there's the idea that being able to prove that our universe, the physics, is indeterministic, is logically impossible. So, it includes whatever experimental ideas and results that one can possibly conceive and imagine, and the end result would still be that it is logically impossible to prove.

So the universe could be truly indeterministic, but we'll never able to prove it. And better not mistake this for poetic metaphysical imaginings, as this is hard logic.

So what do you think about this idea on whether its correct or not
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It is impossible to prove something in physics. Descriptive sciences can only falsify.

This question is philosophical, meta-physics at best, which we do not discuss at PF. It never reaches a satisfactory end for all participants, and most of all, does not allow a criterion on when a discussion has actually ended.

I'm sorry, and as much as I would personally like to discuss such topics, we leave it to websites for philosophy.
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