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The Mathematics Genealogy Project

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    I just found this, and it's really cool. It has most people with PhDs in math, and their advisers. You can follow people back by PhD adviser. It's surprising how everyone is connected. If you enter in anyone you know, and follow it back, you can find direct relationships to famous mathematicians. A few of my teachers were descendants of Weierstrass (thus Gudermann and Gauss), Liouville, and some other famous mathematicians. It's really interesting.
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    Very interesting.
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    By some odd oversight, I do not appear on that chart. :confused:
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    The weirdest thing about it, is that if you follow advisers back you will almost always find someone famous. It seems like all the people I know are a descendant of Weierstrauss. There are certain people that are all so connected. What else is interesting is there are a few people who have huge chunks of descendants that no one has ever heard of, on the extrema page there are people with almost 120,000 descendants.
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    You can always message them to add you. In the mean time, just search for your adviser. Hopefully they will be there.
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    I appreciate the concern, John, but that was an ironic statement for the benefit of those who know me well. I hate math, have a grade 9 education in it, and never graduated high-school. I should have put a ":D" smilie on the end of my post, but chose the wrong one. Thanks anyway, and sorry for the misunderstanding.
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