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The more salt you consume, the more salt you crave. True?

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    I just mean in a general sense, obviously not to the extreme but just in general? If you eat salty foods do you start craving salty foods , more than you would if you didn't eat so much salt? Also, same questions wrt sugar? Is there a name or well known phrase for this idea and if so what is it? thanks
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    You may find food bland if you become accustomed to the taste of salt on everything, but eating salt will make you crave water more than anything.
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    Salt and sugar are both food flavourings, some people like them more than others.
    Those that do like such flavourings generally use them in moderate amounts and they do no harm.
    A 'craving' for the flavouring so much that a person ingests amounts that could be toxic is essentially 'addiction'.
    There are of course many substances other than salt and sugar which can give a pleasure sensation and can lead to addiction, alcohol for example.
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    Your palate gets used to a certain level of saltiness or sweetness, so you might think the food needs more sugar or salt, according to your acquired taste and add more salt or sweetener. If you start to decrease these, after awhile you no longer need as much to make food taste right, so you will use less. It's called acquired taste and can apply to a number of different tastes, same goes for smell.

    Not a great reference, but it's ok. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acquired_taste
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