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News The 'New International Energy Order'

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    Oil [and Gas] and the 'New International Energy Order'
    The US has been outmaneuvered by Russia, China and other states with gas and oil. Putin has retaken control of oil and gas in Russia under Gazprom, and US has lost whatever they invested in the Russian market.

    The US has established Africom (the US Africa Command) - and it appears that Africa will be militarized.

    China is forming alliances with Iran and Venezula.

    Russia, Iran and Qatar are considering forming a GPEC (OPEC for natural gas).

    Russia and China formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organziation (SCO) in 1996 with other central asian states, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tadjikistan. There is a security dimension both in military cooperation and energy.

    So perhaps we'll see the energy wars along the lines of the Cold War.
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    seems like the common denominator is not-an-alliance-with-the-US-policy. I am afraid the US is going to have less allies in this 'cold war'.

    But hope is on the way....Me myself for instance is investigating how to turn US' large coal depository into clean burning synthetic gas.
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    Nuclear power would be better. Also, if we could just tap all the oil we already have it would certainly help!
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    I don't know if I want my car to run on a nuclear reactor?:rolleyes:
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    This may be even worse than the cold war because it is going to affect a lot more people in this country. Many Americans were barely aware that there was a cold war.

    From what I have observed with China, they tend to go into a country and pay cash up front to develop an entire oil field. Then they pump the oil and pay a predetermined price for it. The oil entirely bypasses the speculative markets that drive up our prices.
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    Your car would run on electricity, jaap, electricty produced by nuclear power plants. I hope you weren't being serious.
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