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  1. T

    Programs Viability of International Degrees (from the US perspective)

    At the moment, I am accepted to a few universities for statistics and data science programs (I was told there were a fair number of data scientists on this forum and the question applies more generally as well). One of these programs is in Finland at the University of Helsinki. I'm incredibly...
  2. ISamson

    International collaboration in scientific research

    Hello, I have been wondering how it is possible for us to encourage international scientific research collaboration. I mean what can governments, normal people and research groups do to encourage it? I value your thoughts. Thank you.
  3. A

    Schools Can I get into grad school with such a low GPA

    Hey, I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering senior, studying at the American University of Beirut, one of the top schools in the region. I have recently realized that I really want to go to graduate school and study theoretical computer science, however, due to a general lack of motivation...
  4. P

    Oregon State VS Arizona State for physics undergrad?

    I'm an international transfer student applying for UW Madison, Arizona State and Oregon State. My first choice would be Madison, but if I'm not accepted there, I'm going to one of the other two. The problem is, I'm not sure which has a better physics program. The rankings put Oregon state...
  5. Dayman

    Summer Internships (international)

    I'm a Junior International Student studying Physics and Econ at the University of Texas at Austin, just wondering if anyone here got into CERN, Fermi Lab or the UCLA internship(or other physics internship open to internationals!), what was your resume/gpa/credentials like when you applied? Just...
  6. B

    Why don't I get international internships? (Volvo, Nissan)

    I'm from eastern part of Europe. Does that make me less likely to get international internships/jobs in England or USA? I've been rejected several times by Volvo and Nissan. There's no way I'm under-qualified already having >1 year industrial working experience and enrolled in master production...
  7. C

    International undergrad summer research (1st or 2nd year)

    Hello, I’m doing my first year of bachelor degree in physics in Italy and I would really like to get some research experience before my third year. Do you know any (international) summer research opportunity for a physics student who completed his first or second year of studies? I would be ok...
  8. O

    Undergrad in Germany or $152,000 in the US?

    Hello and other pleasantries Physics forum fellows, I have an interesting dilemma that hopefully your experience could help me solve. I am a recently graduated International Baccalaureate student and I now have the choice to face either $152,000 of debt at the University of Illinois Urbana...
  9. F

    Mechanical Engineering Gen Eds?

    How many Gen Ed's do BS In Mech Eng do ?
  10. A

    UK student looking for internships in US. Recommendations?

    Hi all. I recently attended a very inspiring talk given by a company which sponsors European students for a so-called J-1 visa which enables us to apply for maximum 12 months internships in the US. I would be supported the CIEE which means that all of the problems in terms of insurance for...
  11. J

    Schools Good undergraduate universities for physics?

    I'm currently a sixth form student in Jamaica currently interested in becoming a medical physicist. However I know that before you do medical physics in a graduate program you need to do physics first. I have been doing some research about some good physics schools in North America. Some of...