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The origins of universe and development

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    i have a question, if we see thousands of universe
    one + and -
    like +-+-+-+-

    because we livein positive universe , we may create all matter, but where is all anti -matter , it should have been made in origins of universe? shouldnt it?
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    The way this goes as far as I know is antimatter and matter WERE made in the origins of our universe. Look at the names though, they don't like each other very much. A great battle ensued and for reasons unknown matter won the battle. This great battle released LOTS of energy though and was extremely important to how our universe developed.

    I do not know what you mean 'if we see thousands of universe' or about the +-+-+-+-.

    Of course I'm not extremely knowledgable in this area so when someone who is comes along and what I've said is wrong just correct it.
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    Matter and anti matter annihilate each other if they touch and this meas that there are more matter than anti matter.

    However, why there is more matter than anti matter is something we don't know, but maybe somewhere there is a planet or some type of object made purely out of anti matter.
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