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The physics concept most indicative of reality

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    What physical theory represents best fundamental and universal experience?
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    I want to know that too

    For me there would be a fundamental theory but it cannot represent all the universe experience of our world, because I believe in the nothingness (I am not talking about religious nothingness concept) that comes to create the whole universe and then diversified. If something that created from something then the world will become chaotic and not following the fundamental physical creation. If it come out from nothingness then the whole world will follow a fundamental way but diverse in somewhat somehow way, however the way of diversion can be studied but it is currently very unknown.
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    I always have felt that if we could establish a relationship between the price of a donut and the price of a donut hole it would convey some profound meaning. Perhaps something about nothingness, as lol1986 mentions. It probably sounds like I'm joking but it really seems to me that there's something I'm not grasping or cannot articulate about that, as if it's a Zen koan. But I guess that would be economics rather than physics.
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    My vote is:

    1) Symmetry
    2) Information theories

    Definition of a shin: A device used to find furniture in the dark
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    Schroedinger is really alluring here, but I don't know what "universal experience" means (I'm too timid to speak for the rock). It's in my heart's desire to describe the Hilbert Space as the strands of universal existence, and that's why I cannot choose this option.

    This must be it as long as quarks don't have feelings...

    but I might be tempted by f = dp/dt
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    Since everything is in motion and it gives rise to time, i'd say - Motion and the speed of light c.
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