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The Physics of Consciousness by Dr. Evan Harris Walker

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    What are your opinions on this book? I know that many physicists like to present even the experimental results of quantum mechanics in a distorted way; does this book do so?

    All I am looking for is a resource where I can learn, in layman's terms for now, about quantum mechanics. I don't want to learn about the theory, I don't want the theory the author prescribes to to influence his/her description of the experiments. All I am looking for is a description of the experiments so that I can personally and critically examine current theories.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I suspect the book, based on the little I've read about it, is pure bunk.

    Point is, if you are interested in Quantum Mechanics, leave consciousness out of it. QM does not require consciousness.

    EDIT: and by the way, mainstream scientists do not misrepresent QM and this forum is about mainstream science.
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    What phinds said. For purposes of understanding modern quantum mechanics (and that's what Physics forums is about) the book is useless.

    [the follow-on discussion has been moved into another thread, so this one can be closed]
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