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A review is an evaluation of a publication, service, or company such as a movie (a movie review), video game (video game review), musical composition (music review of a composition or recording), book (book review); a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer; or softwares such as business software, sales softwares; or an event or performance, such as a live music concert, play, musical theater show, dance show or art exhibition. In addition to a critical evaluation, the review's author may assign the work a rating to indicate its relative merit. More loosely, an author may review current events, trends, or items in the news. A compilation of reviews may itself be called a review. The New York Review of Books, for instance, is a collection of essays on literature, culture, and current affairs. National Review, founded by William F. Buckley Jr., is an influential conservative magazine, and Monthly Review is a long-running socialist periodical.

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  1. Math Amateur

    Relativity Reviews of “Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein’s General Relativity”

    TL;DR Summary: Review/Rating of “Gravity … … “ by James B. Hartle Thoughts regarding prerequisites for reading this book I would be really grateful if someone would rate/evaluate/review James B. Hartle’z book, “Gravity: An introduction to Einstein’s General Relativity” Would the book be...
  2. S

    Appeal process for Physical Review Letters

    I am a co-author of a manuscript recently submitted to PRL. We received comments from 2 reviewers: 1 of them suggested revisions, while the other recommended the paper be rejected. The comments from the second reviewer were vague, as he completely misunderstood the paper. The editor rejected our...
  3. Immer Tzaddi

    Is Traditional Engineering Still the Most Rewarding Path for Physics Majors?

    This physics forum is sought as a source of review material and alternative perspectives. While, a thorough reread of an old O' Hanian, a Serway, and an edition of Menzel is being made. Physics was a intended undergraduate major. However, a freshman advisor stated that basically all of the...
  4. BillTre

    Review of Drosophila Visual Processing

    Here is an open access review of visual processing in the fruitfly nervous system. It will give you an overview of what is known about how the nervous system extracts relevant information from its visual inputs. Fruit flies (Drosophila) are a very tractable research organism in which...
  5. jedishrfu

    Great Youtube Video Review of the GPT-4 Paper

    Gets into a lot of stuff tucked away in the 98 page report from OpenAI on GPT-4. - GPT-4 can process a lot more text in queries than GPT-3.5 - training data cutoff was at 2021 same as ChatGPT but it seems that the ChatGPT cut off was later in the year. - in contrast Bing with GPT-4 can search...
  6. S

    Systematic review of plant sex terms?

    Where could you find a systematic review of terms specifying the possible sex structures of plant populations? This https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant_reproductive_morphology has a list of 30 terms, arranged by alphabet not meaning, containing many synonyms... It seems to me that a plant...
  7. K

    Preparing for Grad School: A Organic Chemistry Review

    I’m starting my PhD in Organic Chemistry this Fall. I want to review all of undergraduate Organic Chemistry and I’m trying to develop a plan of attack. I did alright in lectures but not perfectly and did quite well in labs. I don’t want to be bombarded in grad school and want to have a proper...
  8. Sagittarius A-Star

    COVID Rolling Review of HIPRA COVID-19 Vaccine: Booster for Adults

    Source: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/ema-starts-rolling-review-covid-19-vaccine-hipra-phh-1v See also: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05246137 Source: https://pharmaboardroom.com/interviews/carles-fabrega-managing-director-human-health-hipra/
  9. BillTre

    Book Review: The Gene's-Eye View of Evolution

    The Gene's-Eye View of Evolution. New book by Arvid Ågren (2021), reviews the field of population genetics that is involved with selfish gene kind of thinking (The Selfish Gene, Dawkins, 1976). It breaks down the big arguments into smaller parts and analyses them. Lots of references, but not...
  10. russ_watters

    Tesla": A Movie Review of the Unusual

    Anybody see the movie "Tesla" staring Ethan Hawke? It's...interesting. I'm almost finished with it, but got so angry I had to post this for validation... As historical fiction goes, it seems pretty good. But the movie's style is... unusual. It has a narrator who is JP Morgan's daughter and...
  11. E

    Chemistry Thoughts on Introduction to Chemistry fourth Edition by Bauer?

    Hi there, I am currently reading introduction to Chemistry fourth edition by Bauer, Birk, Marks. what do you guys think about this book? is it a good book? I am doubting the quality of the book because I found one wrong statement about the reaction of Alkaline Earth Metals. It said "Alkaline...
  12. shivajikobardan

    MHB Pumping Lemma proof for L=0^p 1^p 0^p 1^p-: Review my proof please-:

    Please review my proof. Is this correct or not?
  13. DennisN

    Dune (2021) movie discussion (incl. spoilers)

    This is a thread for discussing the SF movie Dune (2021). Please post your opinions and reviews of the movie here, which may contain spoilers. There will be spoilers in this thread so please don't read it if you haven't seen the movie and don't like it spoiled! My short review: I really liked...
  14. Frabjous

    Looking for review article on planetary interiors

    I am looking for a modern review article on high pressure equations of state and planetary interiors. Preferably post 2010. Does anyone know of one? Thanks.
  15. L

    Engineering Reviewing Efficiency of Otto & Diesel Cycle Heat Engines

    Hi, i have this question and don't understand it. can somebody explain what i have to do. i know a ideal engine is a engine running on carnot cycle i what the cycles are i don't know what relative efficiency is and what there looking for (Q) Review the relative efficiency of ideal heat engines...
  16. Emmanuel Pil

    A Request for a review of a paper on consciousness creating reality.

    The paper I refer to, I found on the Big Think blog titled "Is human consciousness creating reality? And here is the actual link to the paper. Unfortunately, this paper is too technical for me, hence the request for a review for such a big claim.
  17. harborsparrow

    Seeking review of an article about Python's origins

    Dear Python programmers, There is a new article on the "origins of Python" at https://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Python_(programming_language) The Citizendium is a partner site with Physics Forums (cross-linked); we are looking for Python programmers to review and comment on the new article (on...
  18. Satyanneshi

    Classical No review of the book "Physics : A general course" by Savelyev

    I came to know of a old russian book "Physics : A general course" by Savelyev. I have heard that the book was popular in USSR. Strangely, I could not find any review or mention of this book in the internet (searched through Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo). PhysicsForum - One post of one thread...
  19. SchroedingersLion

    Other How good are Phys. Review Journals?

    Dear all, I just had a paper rejected (my first) by Physical Review Letters due to it being "not of interest to a general audience". I got an offer to have it published in Physical Review B instead. I was a bit disappointed by that, as my supervisors were confident that it would go through...
  20. Jonathan F

    Engineering Review of Concepts: Air Recycling Systems (closed-loop/open-loop)

    Hey, first post here. So I have to classify these 6 elements under closed-loop/open-loop system and under CO2 removal/oxygen supply. I thought it should be: Closed-loop CO2 removal: Rapid cycling anime, Lithium granules Closed-loop oxygen supply: Water electrolysis, Cryogenic tanks Open-loop CO2...
  21. E

    Orbital dynamics math review for a computer simulation

    The program begins by prompting the user to input the initial angle and speed. Once these values have been input, the program calculates the initial velocity components for the asteroid in two dimensions. printf("Input an initial angle from 10 to 80 degrees\n"); scanf("%f", &theta)...
  22. M

    MHB Math Cumulative Review: Find the equation of a Line

    Hey there! Currently struggling through a cumulative review, so I will posting a lot more questions. An equation of a line perpendicular to the line represented by the equation y= -1/2x-5 and passing through (6, -4) is 1) y= -1/2x + 4 2) y= -1/2x - 1 3) y= 2x + 14 4) y= 2x - 16 I know it's...
  23. BillTre

    Why Information Grows: book review

    I recently read Cesar Hidalgo’s 2015 book: “Why Information Grows”, which I heard about recently on Sean Carroll’s podcast (I like it). It’s mostly an economics book that derives its main ideas from how information underlies organization in the universe, as well as in economic dynamics. I like...
  24. A. Neumaier

    I New review on decoherence by Schlosshauer

    I'd like to draw attention to the recent survey M. Schlosshauer, Quantum decoherence, Physics Reports (2019). Available online 18 October 2019
  25. A

    Uniform Motion Review - Boat travelling

    displacement (x) = 750 m [E] distance = 1100 m I drew a diagram. Now what??
  26. Eclair_de_XII

    Calculus What is a good book to review basic calculus?

    I want a book that isn't too wordy, explains things concisely, and covers single-variable and multi-variable calculus. I regret that I forgot so much of the stuff I learned in Calculus III and IV (especially the important theorems I learned but forgot in the latter), and now I want to review it...
  27. S

    Review of modern non-equilibrium thermodynamics theories

    Looking for thorough serious comparative review of modern generalisations of classical non-equilibrium thermodynamics of continua. I have heard about several such generalisations: 1) rational mechanics by Truesdell, Coleman, Noll. 2) extended thermodynamics by Müller (and Ruggeri). 3) the...
  28. JD_PM

    Other How to make a good-looking scientific review

    Hi PhysicsForums community! I am writing a short review on Optical Tweezers. I started with word but got tired of copy-pasting pics of equations using MathJax and ,besides, diagrams look pretty bad. What do you recommend for making up diagrams and writing equations? I have been thinking of...
  29. Demystifier

    Double blind peer review winners and losers

    Double blind peer review is a process in which not only the author does not know the name of the reviewer (which is the standard practice), but also the reviewer does not know the name of the author (which is not a standard practice). What would happen if the scientific community suddenly...
  30. LLD1231

    Science review of the movie Contact?

    I’m curious as to what you guys thought of the movie Contact. How well does it stand up to science and physics?
  31. P

    Courses Review Griffiths E/M before Jackson?

    Hello, I will be starting my junior year this August, I shall be having the dreaded advanced electromagnetism course that follows Jackson's book the coming semester. Unfortunately, I didn't work very hard during my freshman year e/m course (which uses Griffiths' book) and have a few gaps in my...
  32. T

    Complex Analysis prerequisite material review

    Homework Statement Identify the set of points satisfying ##1<\vert 2z-6\vert <2## such that ##z\in\Bbb{C}##. My pre-caculus is very rusty, so I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. Homework Equations ##x^2 +y^2= r^2## ##\forall z,z'\in\Bbb{C}, \vert zz'\vert =\vert z\vert\vert z'\vert##...
  33. A

    I Understanding Gauge Symmetry: A Review of the Schrödinger Equation

    I have reviewed the various posts on gauge symmetry in particular this one which is now closed. In this post there is the following link:http://www.vttoth.com/CMS/physics-notes/124-the-principle-of-gauge-invariance. This is a good read. However, there is some clarification I need. The...
  34. D

    Other Need Suggestions for Scientific Review

    Hi Everyone, My college runs a student run academic journal in which students read and write a review of a topic in physics and then some are selected for publication. I am determined to get mine accepted but am struggling to pick good topics. Topics must have research being carried out...
  35. J

    MHB Are These Statistics Practice Answers Correct?

    Hi these are practice questions from our class. can someone please help me by cheaking if i have done the correct answear ? if i am wrong could someone please provide the correct answear ? Thanks 1. The z-value that is used to construct a 95% confidence interval is A 1.28 B 1.96 C 2.58 D 1.64...
  36. S

    Convincing thesis students that doing the literature review is important

    hi all, I am a researcher at university and I have several bechelor and master thesis students every year. Very often, I struggle to convince students to carry out a good literature review and from their thesis, I do not get anything I have not seen, because they only read the first google...
  37. T

    Studying Physics 101 - Exam 1 - How should I start to review?

    Hi Guys, I will have my first exam for algebra based physics October 7. How should I start to review? The questions in the book are simple in my opinion? What do guys suggest?
  38. aatari

    Analyzing Tensions in a Mass-Weight System

    Hi guys, could someone please have a look at my solution and let me know if it makes any sense. Homework Statement Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution [/B]
  39. C

    MHB What is the method for solving vector problems with component form and addition?

    Hi everyone, I am taking my finals next week and I am really excited. But I forgot how to solve problems like these I know I'm supposed to separate them and solve for x and y seperately but its still not ringing any bells. Vector L is 303m long in a 205* direction. Vector M is 5552 m long in a...
  40. DrClaude

    Monument to peer review unveiled in Moscow

  41. jedishrfu

    News Can Crowdsourcing Enhance the Quality of Scientific Peer Review?

  42. harpazo

    MHB How can self-study lead to long-term learning compared to classroom instruction?

    As I study calculus 3, I often revisit calculus 1 and 2. The following application is from single variable calculus, partucularly calculus 1, called RELATED RATES. I have not seen a related rates problem since the 2015. I am a bit rusty with the set up. Can someone help me set it up? I can take...
  43. harpazo

    MHB How do you solve this calculus 2 integration problem?

    I am currently studying calculus 3. However, once in a while, I like to review single variable calculus. I decided to tackle the following calculus 2 integration problem: ∫ tan^3 x dx Solution: Separate into two tangent functions. (tan^2 x)(tan x) Rewrite tan^2 x as sec^2 x - 1 using its...
  44. W

    Can somone explain this review solution (moments/inertia)?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations This would be the part I think I'm missing The Attempt at a Solution In the fourth line, Ix, where is the justification for multiplying 1/3 by the first term? I believe they are using the center of inertia of a rod, which is mr2 and the first term...
  45. W

    Can somone explain this review solution (vibrations)?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The equations are all given The Attempt at a Solution This isn't really a homework question... it's solved, but I'm having a hard time following it. I don't understand where the first term: -a(kaθ) comes from. I can see it's the moment relation...
  46. harpazo

    MHB Integrating (x^2cosx^3)^6: A Review of Techniques

    Integrate this (x^2cosx^3)^6. I absolutely forgot how to integrate several calculus 2 integrals. Integration by parts? Substitution? Trig sub? Partial fraction decomposition?
  47. O

    Portions of Calculus to Review for Intro. to Prob & Stats

    Hey everyone, I'm a CS major, and haven't been using calculus 1 or 2 for over a year and a half now. I vaguely remember any of it other than basic concepts (what derivatives and integrals are, second derivative, inflection points, etc.). I am taking an Introduction to Probability and...
  48. UsableThought

    My review of Coursera's "Intro to Mathematical Thinking"

    Here's a review I just posted on CourseTalk.com (a review site for online courses, including MOOCs) of "Introduction to Mathematical Thinking," which runs on Coursera: IN A NUTSHELL: This MOOC has excellent content, but the Coursera platform and absence of an instructor undermine it. DETAILS...
  49. Andy_K

    Cosmology Review of Hidden In Plain Sight Series

    Has anyone read the 7-book series http://amzn.to/2lwgn66 by Andrew Thomas? Just wondering what you think of his conjectures / speculations at the final sections of each book, i.e. on the link between relativity and quantum mechanics, equation of the universe, etc... I like that he...