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The pleasure of finding things out

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    I found this video on google, and i think most physic lovers might enjoy in this forum.

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6586235597476141009 [Broken]
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    Feynman a demonstration of how redundant the term IQ is, 124? :rofl: Even I've got a bigger one than that, by some margin; so what is it he had that wasn't x? Creativity, imagination? Who knows, because morons think that IQ actually measures intelligence:rofl: it measures your ego more than your intelligence, or your education.:tongue2:

    Interesting documentary, watch and learn. This is and as he said what science is about, learn everything and question everything, and use your imagination.:smile:
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    Absolutely right. Just another matter of demonstrating human obsession with quantity.
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    /me wonders about the human obsession with heroes :p
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    Great video Kant. Thanks.
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    thinly veiled brag? :tongue2:
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