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The proliferation of mathematics cranks on the Internet

  1. Jun 10, 2010 #1
    I've noticed on other discussion boards, that there is a surprisingly high number of people sharing a set of similar, unshakeable beliefs that contradict basic thereoms in mathematics and logic. Usually, these include:

    - 0.999... not being equal to 1, or not existing
    - That natural numbers exist, while fractional numbers don't
    - The possibility that the definition of something can be untrue
    - The belief that they have "proved" constructivism
    - That you can start with a physical observation and conclude with a mathematical theorem

    Does this indicate that there is something wrong with the way mathematics is introduced in schools, leaving people confused about mathematical and logical concepts and how they are defined? It's interesting that no attempt at explaining why they're wrong, gets through.
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    Education is a two way street. If students aren't interested, it is hard for them to learn. Also there are a lot of people who like to disagree with "conventional wisdom", even if it correct. This applies to a lot of other areas besides mathematics.
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