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The so-called Myth of Multiple Size Infinities

  1. Sep 11, 2013 #1
    Someone said multiple infinities are absurd. I can't post the link btw because it's a non-mainstream theory. So there are actually, no multiple infinities?

    Regarding Cantor's absolute infinity, is this the highest infinity that any man could stated? If there are other infinities higher than Cantor's absolute infinity, what would it be called?
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    Yes, brilliant mathematicians for hundreds of years have all been proven wrong by one dude in one link. Whenever you, or anyone you know, thinks they "disproved" a widely accepted theory, you're most likely wrong.

    I didn't know about Cantor's absolute infinity, so I Googled it. It looks more like philosophy than math. I'm uninterested in philosophy.
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    Whoever said that clearly does not know what they are talking about and you should ignore them.
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    D H

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    No. There are actually people on the internet who lie. You aren't one of those people who believe everything on the internet is true, are you?

    Multiple infinities are not absurd. They are a necessary consequence of how mathematicians define the real numbers, functions of the real numbers, etc.

    We do not discuss crackpot notions in this forum. Thread closed.
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