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The sun at midnight from North Pole

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    From the north pole, how high is the sun @ midnight on the summer solstice ?

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    With or without considering the effects of refraction of the atmosphere?
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    Two more questions:
    - do you already understand how to calculate the angle at noon on summer solstice?
    - what level of accuracy are you aiming for?
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    I suggest drawing a diagram that shows the Earth at summer solstice, including:
    • the Earth's axis, tilted with respect to the vertical at the angle of inclination, towards the sun (assumed to be off to the side, horizontally)
    • the equator
    • the Tropic of Cancer
    • two parallel horizontal light rays, striking the Earth at the T of C and at the North Pole
    • a line tangent to the Earth's surface, indicating the horizon at the North Pole
    If you draw the diagram correctly, the geometry of the situation should give you your answer quickly.
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    The time at the North Pole is Universal Time, but this doesn't matter at all. Here declination = altitude all of the time. Even if you were standing on a spinning disk platform going any speed, it wouldn't matter.
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