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Theoretical Physics: 1 year long Pre-PhD-Programs

  1. May 16, 2014 #1
    Hi all!

    Recently, I came to know about Perimeter Institute's "PSI," which is an intensive, 1 year long, coursework based program in Theoretical Physics culminating in an M.S. degree. Similarly, there is the Pre-PhD-Program offered by ICTP, Italy.

    I have had 2 years of Physics training, and would like to attend such a program before I dive in for my PhD. My field of interest is QFT and String Theory. I was wondering whether, apart from these 2, there are any other reputed institutes and universities offering such full time and focused programs to international students?

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    Have you considered the University of Cambridge's Mathematics Part III? The courses are wide-ranging and permit specialization in most areas of mathematics (pure or applied) and theoretical physics. A list of descriptions of the current courses is available from the above link.
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