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Programs Theoretical physics at Uppsala University

  1. Feb 26, 2016 #1
    I have been accepted to the the theoretical physics program at Uppsala University. It ranks around 60-120 in the world for physics and astronomy. I know these rankings aren't the best metric to determine how good a program is, but it gives me an idea. I want to know how good the program is for theoretical physics, I'm interested in string theory and physics beyond the standard model. I'm pretty sure I can get into better universities, is it important that I get into the "best" university that I can? I'm thinking about applying to University College London and The University of Edinburgh.
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    Ranking doesn't mean much honestly. If student A is lazy and doesn't make use of all the tools at his disposal, the ranking won't save him. On the other hand, a hard-working bright student B at a college ranked worse than the college of student A will probably achieve good to outstanding work in his field.
    What matters is not what others have done in your college, it's what you will do in it that actually matters. As long as the college is decent (i.e. the bachelor is valid and there's research going on) the ranking won't change much. As a personal example I'm studying in Switzerland at the EPFL which is very well ranked, but I have study sessions with people from Geneva on a regular basis and their program is mostly the same. The difference in ranking is litteraly nonexistent. Check the college for yourself if you can, it'll be better than rankings. Check the campus, how good the professors are, etc.
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