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Theoretical Quantum Entanglement Question

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    If Quantum Entanglement is real and observable, then what is stopping us from making the following observation: provided that the big bang was real and did occur, and provided that the initial occurrence of the big bang was from a single "particle" or entity, what is stopping us from concluding that every particle in existence in the current universe is thus quantum-ly entangled in some way since they were all hypothetically generated not only from the same event (big bang) but perhaps even from the same original "particle" or entity.
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    Your question remind me the many world interpretation. You can think that the our whole university is a 'big' quantum state and evolve over time. You may believe it, but this statement is not an observable under today's physical understanding cos we have only one universe. In order to make have conclusion of quantum measurement, we have to prepare many ensemble of same system. But we only have one universe.
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    And nothing proves that the universe comes from one entity. There is even no reason to think so.

    At the time of Plank, the universe was like it is now. The energy density was just higher.
    Before that, we don't know. As John Wheeler used to say, such a density would destroy space-time as we know it. Therefore we can't state that before this instant, the density was higher, lower, or even defined.
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    Maybe in a sense they are.

    Would that conclusion have anything to do with the kind of quantum entanglement that observed daily? Because that certainly is real.
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