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There is more meaning in the universe than there is matter

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    Its too easy to simply say that bits don't convert to matter.

    I'm looking for arguments that some events cannot be deduced even with hypothetically infinite sensors and computing power.
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    Uh... even with infinite observing power, the act of observation will impact the event itself. "Observer effect." It's also a key component of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

    That being said; there's no reason why any given volume or type of data could not be collected. The detectors for it might be impractical or impossible given a certain subset of technology. But "gathering data" doesn't have an implicit upper bound.

    EDIT: What does this have to do with your thread title? When you say "there is more meaning in the universe than there is matter" do you mean there is more information? Depending upon how information is stored, this might be correct, but I'd like to offer this as a counter argument:

    "There is EXACTLY enough matter in the entire universe to perfectly represent the entire universe it 100% detail at any level of observation. In fact, there's enough information to construct a perfect 1:1 scale model universe."
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