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Think I am high off of dry-erase marker

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    Not really (they're "non-toxic") .... but seriously, do they make any that don't smell? And don't say chalk :rolleyes:

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    Expo brand make a odorless one. I don't know where we get them from, they just arrive magically in the mail.
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    They just magically have a full-stock in the math departments head office.
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    Really? I'll have to take a look around. The ones I am using are Expos, but they are definitely not odorless! :yuck:
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    i like sniffing on them! back when i was a wee boy, i liked getting out of the car at gas stations whenever dad was filling up just to smell gasoline.
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    D H

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    Some (particularly the red ones) can be downright putrid.
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    There is this website that sells dryerase markers that are truly low to no odor they say that the markers don't have the xylene in them which is what must have been whats gives me headaches with other markers. Also the markers are refillable and comes with the ink to do so.

    and yes they erase as good if not better than the expo markers that I used in the past.
    http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/mywhiteboards_2071_1364352 auspen-refill-green.jpg
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