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Thinking about applying for an internship

  1. Jan 19, 2012 #1
    Hey all, I am currently on a 3/2 degree program for physics and engineering, where I'll spend 3 years at one school, transfer for an additional 2 years and graduate with an engineering degree from the second school and a physics degree from the first school.

    So I decided I need to start looking into internships, and was writing up a resume to apply somewhere that offers a few different types of engineering internships. I'm having a little trouble filling in some details on my resume. I looked online for how to really write one, and they pretty much all start like this:

    School Name
    Expected Graduation Date

    Is it okay to list "Dual Degree: Physics/Engineering" for degree? Before last semester, I had thought I was going for chemical engineering, but now I'm not so sure. So I really don't have a 100% idea on which field in engineering right now.

    Additionally, I'm a 3/2 major, but I ended up dropping out one semester, due to medical issues not grades, and decided not to try to transfer in fall semester, so I will be taking 4 years at the first school now instead of 3. My expected graduation date is a little iffy, as I get both the physics from the first school and engineering from the second after I graduate from the second school, but that's long in the future. How would I specify this? If I put spring 2015 as the expected graduation date, wouldn't it make me sound like I'm a freshman? (I currently have 64 credits).
    My father said I should post it as:
    "Expected Physics Graduation Date: Spring 2013
    Expected Engineering Graduation Date: Spring 2015"
    But that seems a little off to me, because I don't technically graduate with the physics degree in 2013, I have to apply after graduating in 2015.

    Sorry if my post is a little confusing, I'm just a tad confused on how to present my information on a resume, as I even have trouble explaining it here! Very new to this, any suggestions?
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  3. Jan 20, 2012 #2
    Maybe write your degree as:

    Engineering & Physics Dual Degree

    And you should basically just list 2015 as your graduation date but mention physics degree requirements will be completed in Spring 2013.
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