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Thread title changed in biology forum

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    Quick request:
    Someone changed the thread 'Homosexuality' in the biology forum to 'is there any evidence for homosexuality?', everyone seems to be in agreement that the new thread title is not suitable. I don't know who changed it as I was not informed about it. May someone change it back, please?
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    The thread title was changed to something more descriptive. One word thread titles are not good when it comes to indexing the site in a search engine (for example, there are probably many threads with the title 'homosexuality'). So, you can have it changed if you come up with something more descriptive.
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    I had noticed that at the bottom of the page was some links to similar threads, they too had the title homosexuality.

    Perhaps a better title would be "Homosexuality and homosexual behaviour in animals"
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    Thanks for the responses.
    Someone recommended Neural basis of homosexuality, or something similar, which I think may be quite good.
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    i will change it, thanks
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