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Time to choose upper level elective

  1. Mar 25, 2006 #1
    It is time for me to choose my upper elective. I am a Maths major and I want to choose my elective somehow relate to Maths. Due to prerequisite, my choices of upper elective can be chosen from econ, EE, CS, and phys. There is some information about myself, I am undergrad statistic and applied Maths major in UT Dallas. My education goal at this time is to get my master in Maths, and I think my research for master should be about system control theory. I personally don’t know much about EE and CS. I am only able to understand mechanic in phys, not so much in E&M. I would like my elective is something I can apply my Maths skill to. I have eliminated everything else that I don’t like. Can anyone give me some advice about this? Anything is appreciated!!

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    If they have some kind of mathematical methods of physics class you could take, that would probably be your best physics possiblity. It gives you an applied knowledge of how math is used for physics, rather than a bunch of abstract theory. I never took econ or much in the way of CS, so I'll leave that to those who took those (I was a math and physics major).
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