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Timid Smart Person: Chances of idea acceptance?

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    I know someone in school who I would consider extremely bright and who would make a good scientist........except for one tiny problem. If a superior says he's wrong (even though he's not), he will accept it and continue on. He really won't try to defend it and will make excuses on why the superior is correct.

    In a few years, I think he will discover great things about the world and formalize new theories. I'm almost certain these ideas will be an extremely great asset to the community. However, I'm worried about the current system.

    What are the chances his ideas will be accepted by the scientific community?

    He has problems defending against a minor superior. If he goes against a prestigious scientist, I'm not sure he'll even try to defend his theory (even if his theories are sound and true w/ good experiments.
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    Are you this person?
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    Maybe he's just putting on the appearance of acceptance to avoid trouble, but inside knows he's right. Thats what I do. Unless it's really important of course. I'm not worried about others knowing how smart or right I am. As long as I know.
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    If his thinking is sound and correct, he shouldn't run into much opposition. We get a lot of people here that think they are the next Einstein, Galileo, Newton, etc... and think that everyone is so afraid of their brilliance that no one will accept what they say.
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