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Tips to get through the heat wave

  1. Aug 28, 2011 #1
    It's still summer and it's like an oven where I live. Since air-conditionings are either ridiculously expensive or does not exist. Let us share some ways to overcome it.

    Post your methods

    • Put your clothes (I put even my underwear) in the freezer overnight. Wear it after you take a shower
    • Eat light and juicy fruits like oranges, grapes, but not apples because I find apples dry up after you take the first bite. Watermelons are okay, but they are too watery in my opinion.
    • Put a bucket of cold water and put yuor feet in it when you are sitting. I don't know why, but it works. (change regularly)
    • Don't use the fan, because the fan will blow hot air instead of cold.

    Any others you want to add and share?
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    A) Avoid caffeine and alcohol; they inhibit your ability to get rid of heat for days.

    B) Keep any air conditioning set as high as is reasonably comfortable, up to 80 degrees if possible to acclimate your body to the heat.

    C) Fans have been used for eons and can lower your temperature by 15 degrees. They are most effective if you sit right in front of them when sweating. They can also be used to save energy by pumping hot air out of the house at night.
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    Swim or bathe frequently in cool water. Shower in the coldest water you can stand right before bed.

    Sooooo glad I live in the rainy side of the Cascade Mountains!
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    It gets good and hot where I live (Melb, Aust), and I have no air-con, but, I do manage to get through summer with ease.

    Fan + a water bottle with a squirter-spray nozzle thing when I go to bed = ice cold = awesome.

    That, and a whole bunch of beer and other beverages.
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    Hit the pool...
  7. Aug 30, 2011 #6
    Move to Greenland.
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    Put ice on a napkin on top of the fan... spread out drooping slightly in front of the fan front... i.e. make a homemade swamp cooler.
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    Heat wave??? This has been one of the coolest summers on record.
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    Where do you live?
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    Yes, this method (or other similar methods to get cool water into the airstream) work very well, but only over a very limited area - so you can be comfortable watching TV or whatever, but hot as soon as you move somewere else in the house.

    A nice basement is a good place to spend summer afternoons.

    Keep the sun off of the side of the house. That's a hard improvisation to make, but it is nice to have shade of some kind or another, whether it's trees or a roof over the back deck, or whatever.

    The latter is a constant struggle for my house. I have 7 pine trees on one side of the house and had three large trees in the back yard. Plus there were shrub like trees surrounding the back deck that didn't quite come up high enough to block the view, but did at least reduce the amount of sunlight hitting the house in the late evening. The house stayed cool most of the day and the sun only hit the side of the house for a few hours in the late afternoon (the idea was leave an opening so you could see Pikes Peak from the deck but, unfortunately, the neighbors behind us didn't get the message and a tree in their yard blocks the view without providing any shade for me). You could definitely feel the difference, but at least it was warming up from a cooler temperature.

    First came the tree trimming disaster with my youngest son who turned what was supposed to be a small trimming task around the deck into the near destruction of the trees surrounding the deck. It took a few years for them to recover and they're finally back to how they were when we first moved in.

    Second came the bug blight that damaged or killed a lot of elm trees along a diagonal swath through the neighborhood. All three elm trees took some damage, but the biggest of them died, which opened up a huge gap for the sun that just won't get filled now. The other two recovered the next year, although you can still see damaged branches in both.

    I think I need some kind of awning over the back deck. It would cut the amount of the house exposed to the sun by more than half (the back bedroom on that side is always in shade and takes a lot longer to warm up than the kitchen/dining room).

    But trees are the main reason I'd never want to buy a new house. It takes too long for them to grow from saplings.
  12. Sep 1, 2011 #11
    I guess I was just thinking personal cooling methods, since flyingpig's OP is talking about putting underwear in the freezer.

    I've used the homemade swampcooler myself, but I was so desperate as to put my underthings in the freezer!!!:rofl:
    I hope flyingpig's just joking... or remind me never to have a glass of lemonade on ice from his(?) fridge! :eek: ...
  13. Sep 1, 2011 #12
    No I am not joking. I got that idea from Kings and Queens
  14. Sep 4, 2011 #13
    Wear reflective clothing, such as positive white color to reduce uv absorption. Be modest about using certain lotion and sunscreen because it could containment your skins with Carcinoma chemical.
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    perform rain dance
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    Moooooooooooooove ssssloooowwwwlyyyyyy.
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