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Tikkurilan Palloseura (abbreviated TiPS) is a football club from Tikkurila in Vantaa, Finland. The club was established in 1958 and its main catchment areas comprise Tikkurila and Hakunila in Itä-Vantaa (East Vantaa). The women's team competes in the Kansallinen Liiga ('National Liga') which is the highest division of women's football in Finland. Men's team competes in the Kolmonen ('Third Division') which is the fourth highest division in Finland. The club's home ground is at Tikkurilan urheilupuisto ('Tikkurila Sports Park').

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  1. Mohmmad Maaitah

    Studying How should I do calculations as an Engineer?

    I always get lost in my work and my work looks like this mess usually. Any tips on how to be neat? How to do calculations? Should I do put all numbers with their units in the paper? How about the units my Statics book says that I should always put them and this really gets boring so any idea...
  2. phos19

    Solving Curl A in Spherical Coordinates: Tips & Hints

    I've tried writing the curl A (in spherical coord.) and equating the components, but I end up with something that is beyond me: \begin{equation} {\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}{B_r = \dfrac{1}{4 \pi} \dfrac{-3}{r^4} ( 3\cos^2{\theta} - 1) =\frac {1}{r\sin \theta }}\left({\frac {\partial...
  3. Feynstein100

    What is the best approach for self-learning physics?

    I've decided to finally start my self-study journey of physics. I did consider joining a university course but I don't really care about the degree. I just want the knowledge. Plus, this way is much less stressful. My planned journey is this: Newtonian mechanics ----> Lagrangian Mechanics ---->...
  4. M

    Job Skills Tips for a Physics BS going into a systems engineering job?

    I was wondered if anyone could give me some tips on what to expect going into a career in systems engineering. I completed my undergrad BS in Physics last year and I have worked as a student trainee optical engineer for two years (Intermittent schedule). I just completed my first year of grad...
  5. A

    Any tips for creating physics social media content?

    I've collected a few starting points (below) but would love to hear from anyone who has their own account! I know TikTok is super popular so any advice on that, in particular, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. https://www.iop.org/strategy/limit-less/social-media/good-practice-guide...
  6. shivajikobardan

    MHB Revise for AI Exam: Tips on Memorization & Yoga/Meditation

    I am studying artificial intelligence for exam and came to a point where I need to revise everything I stuided. It ofc takes more effort in brain than learning the concept watching tutorials and reading blog posts as you need to memorize it(for exam). Any guidance, on how to crack this position...
  7. robertya1027

    Studying Any tips for getting GPA over 3.7 in grad school?

    Grad school courses are hard, but how to maintain at least a 3.7 GPA? That's it, I'm sick of caring about GPA, and consider in grad school this is my last time doing tests, I want to let myself go a bit and not get a perfect GPA. I don't want more burnouts in grad school. I'd rather focus on...
  8. greg_rack

    Engineering Solving Momentum Conservation Problems: Tips & Tricks

    Hello guys, could someone give me a small hint to get me started on attempting this problem? I really cannot figure out how to relate conservation of momentum to the fact that there shouldn't be friction... does it have something to do with the so-called "sweet spot" of the ball? But then...
  9. shivajikobardan

    MHB Studying AI for College Exam: Tips for Aspies

    I am studying AI for college exam. https://www.ioenotes.edu.np/ioe-syllabus/ioe-syllabus-artificial-intelligence-ai-378 The thing is here I am totally on my own as I don't have teacher due to some random reason. Even if I had, they were worst so it doesn't matter I have teacher or not. I have...
  10. elad katzir

    University level physics (mechanics learning tips and resources)

    Hello, I'm a first year university physics student, and I'm having a hard time understanding the material, which badly affects my grades. I'm posting this thread hoping to get some tips for how and where to learn physics(reading materials, online lectures) aside from my university lecture, which...
  11. Mr.Husky

    Calculus Just got Courant's calculus text -- Need some tips to work through it

    Hi everyone! I just bought the courant John calculus volume-1 from uni bookstore. I need some tips like errors, topics which are not explained well and topics which are really important and need to focus more on etc.. My background:- have Spivak as a supplement. Knows how to prove and read...
  12. anorlunda

    Personal Internet Security Tips

    I'm impressed by this article. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/10/securing-your-digital-life-part-2/ It discusses more than just choosing passwords and more than Internet security.. Do you disagree with the article? Do you have additional security tips that you use?
  13. X

    B How to Compile a Report on Experiments: Resources & Tips

    Hi, I have to do an exam (lasting 3 hours) where it is required to perform a very simple experiment. The test is graded, obviously, not on the experiment itself but on how you compile a report on it, tables, graphs, error proagation, data analysis, etc... all stuff I'm definitely not good at...
  14. N

    Efficient Study Tips for Physics, Math, and Engineering Subjects

    Hi i been intressted in physics, along with math, computer science mostly ai, and electrical engineering for circuits and robotics. thing is time is limited as we all know, and i wonder how to study most time efficient. Right now i am reading through an electromagnetic physics book and i am...
  15. Eclair_de_XII

    Python Need tips on how to properly organize tkinter script

    Basically, I feel like there are two problems that I feel need fixing. But I haven't a clue on how to fix them. The first of my troubles is a technical one: I want to map the Home and End keys so that the selection on the list on item (iv) goes to the first and last items on the list...
  16. Frouel

    Studying Learning Math & Physics: Questions & Tips

    I have a few questions concerning learning mathematics and physics. 1. How to learn abstract definitions? Must I do learn it by heart? How to understand and apply them correctly? 2. What type of subjects you learn in theoretical physics include mathematics. I need subjects with all years of...
  17. I

    Memorizing Organic Chemistry: Structures, Reactions & Tips

    For organic chemistry, what is important to memorize when I am reading a textbook? Should I memorize the structures and names of different organic compounds when they are described as examples? Or is it more important to memorize the organic reactions? Also, does anyone have any tips on how to...
  18. M

    MHB Calculating Null Clines: Tips & Tricks

    I need to calculate the null clines of these two equations. I know that in order to find the null cline you set the equations to 0. I tried to calculate the du/dt equation and got up to \[ a+u-au-u^2 -v=0 \] Not entirely sure where I'm supposed to go from there. For the dv/dt equation I...
  19. L

    Solving Math Problems: Tips & Tricks

    Not sure how I am suppose to solve this.
  20. karush

    MHB Navigating SAGE as a Beginner: Tips for Getting Started

    OK I am in a lock down here with my Governor ordering us stay hometho So thot I would jump off the diving board into the world of SAGE However when I went to google for guiding light on this I got intimidated fastSo Does anyone done square one and more I would like some tips I did some SAGE...
  21. dipta

    Courses The Physics Papers I Can Understand: Tips for Limited Math Knowledge

    I want to understand most physics papers, but I don't have much time to learn every Math subject. When I was in college, I only took Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics. I can't understand many Physics papers that interest me.
  22. ZapperZ

    Tips on how Biologists and Physicists should talk to one another.

    This is not only useful to biologists and physicists, but also to anyone wanting to engage with biologists and/or physicists. Thirteen tips for engaging with physicists, as told by a biologist Twelve tips for engaging with biologists, as told by a physicist Zz.
  23. koitk

    Need Tips and Tricks on plate-reading Lycopene production of E.coli

    I have used Acetone, to extract Lycopene from bacteria, as described in literature. But when I started to measure the absorbance (470 nm) using 96-well microplates, some of the acetone would evaporate and ruin my results (even with the lid on). Most of the literature that i have read uses HPLC...
  24. W

    Tips on Maintaining Unused PCs

    Hi All, I was reading about how to go about the upkeep of cars that are rarely used , e.g. stored long-term in a garage and wondered about similar issues with PCs, laptops actually. Specifically, I keep one as a backup just in case and it goes unused for long periods. A search did not provide...
  25. Zeynaz

    Testing Tips for Taking a Physics Test

    I will be taking a very important Physics test next week based on advanced physics topics. I realized that generally i am able to solve the questions successfully on my own. But the problem is when i take mock exams i seem to get “panicked” and miss details, or use wrong values. After the exam I...
  26. A

    Studying Tips for learning spectroscopy

    Hi everyone! I'm a chemistry student, this year i have to learn different types os spectroscopy. I have had troubles to catch up with this subject. Would you please gimme some advices about sources of information to learn about spectroscopy? I Would appreciate it!
  27. S

    Is my Proof Valid for Bijection of Finite Sets?

    <Moderator's note: Moved from a technical forum.> Hi PF, I am learning how to prove things (I have minimal background in math). Would the following proof be considered valid and rigorous? If not any pointers or tips would be much appreciated! Problem: Prove that the notion of number of...
  28. O

    Tips - physics video experiments

    Hello. In my bachelor thesis I make motivational video experiments in physics (for high schools). I want to mention some already existing videos. I know videos from our country or channels from YouTube. However if I'm looking for some videos from Universities or professional organizations...
  29. V

    B Solving an Integral on a Spherical Surface - Tips

    Hello. I ask for solution help from the integral below, where y and x represent angles in a metric of a spherical, 2-D surface. He was studying how to obtain the geodesic curves on the spherical surface, the sphere of radius r = 1, to simplify. The integral is the end result. It is enough, now...
  30. opus

    Testing Tips for computer science exams?

    Well I just took my midterm for Intro Computer Science and got a 59%. This is very frustrating because I've received 100% on all assignments and I feel like I am starting to get an understanding of the subject. However, this isn’t like mathematics or science where you can grind problems. It...
  31. Lacana

    What are some general essay writing tips?

    What tips should I follow to write a perfect essay?
  32. N

    Studying Tips on getting better at "reading" vector calc equations

    I have this odd difficulty when it comes to vector calculus. No matter what I do, seeing these equations just stays daunting. Its a massive effort for me to read them, and when I say "read" I mean look at the equations, and actually understand what it is it wants me to do. Now as with most math...
  33. sophiecentaur

    HVAC Tips to keep your house cool in summer

    There are a lot of strategies that can help to avoid it being total hell indoors in this hot weather. We've had many threads about Air Con and Air Coolers but these things are not widely used in the UK and it's too late to contemplate AC because they've all been sold! There are other ways...
  34. david3305

    How Can You Solve for x When L1 and L2 are Parallel?

    Homework Statement Find x. L1 and L2 are parallel Choices: a)100 b)120 c)140 d)150 e)135 Homework Equations From the image, the angles of the polygon in blue should satisfy: 6θ + 90 + 4θ + 2θ + 90 + x = 540 12θ + x = 360 x = 360 - 12θ The Attempt at a Solution I couldn't figure out how to...
  35. M

    Engineering Tips for a research assistant internship

    i , I am a nuclear engineering " bachelor "student , I will be spending my summer at a university as a research assistant I know the topic I will be working on . Any tips ? may sound silly even when it comes to dealing with people ? or clothes to wear . thank you