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Tired, but can't get no sleep

  1. Mar 12, 2008 #1
    I've been revising for my exams throughout the whole last days.
    What I've been doing is studying in the evening and sleeping (at least 8 hours, which is good enough, I think) during the day, because there's more silence around.
    Anyway... since two days ago I can't get no proper sleep and I can't understand why this is happening! As result, I'm getting even more tired...

    Any suggestions?! No, I'm not feeling nervous because of the exams...

    Is it because my mind is still "working" while I try to get some sleep? I mean, because of been studying a lot...

    I guess I should drink some alcohol before I go to bed, perhaps this would help me...

    I'd like to "hear" your thoughts and suggestions about it!

    Thank you
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    Exercise - go running or just walk for an hour each day.
    It gives the material time to sink in and helps you sleep.
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    In addittion to mgb's suggestion (maybe not as much as an hour a day), maybe read a novel for 10 minutes before you turn off the light, to get your mind of the material you've been studying.
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    Thank you very much for your reply I'll follow your advices ;)

    Best regards
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