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To oxidate HF to F2 with chemicals only

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    Is it possible to oxidate HF to F2 putting HF in contact with oxidizing compounds only, that is, without using electrolytic cells or, however, electric energy in general?
    Thank you.
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    Karl Christe famously did this in 1986:


    His synthesis involves abstraction of two F- anions from MnF62- using two equivalents of the "fluorophile" SbF5. The stroke of genius here is that Christe recognized that MnF4 is thermodynamically unstable and decomposes into the stable MnF3 and F2 gas.
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    Which is the exact reaction involving the oxidation of HF?

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    Reactions 3,4 and 5 from the article
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    Note: in multi step processes sometimes its is impossible to pinpoint the moment when "something" happens, even when it is obvious from the overall reaction this "something" is what is done during the process.
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    Unfortunately I haven't access to that document. Would you please write them here?

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    You should at least see the first ppage of this article which contains all the formulas.
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    Yes, I can see it now, with the PC. With the smartphone I can't, don't know why.

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