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Tom Kibble, Physicist ... Dies at 83

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    New York Times, 7-20-16: Obituary

    Tom Kibble, Physicist Who Helped Discover the Higgs Mechanism, Dies at 83

    By STEPH YINJULY 19, 2016

    Though Tom Kibble never received a Nobel Prize in Physics, the consensus among his colleagues is that he deserved one. His research was at the root of at least three seminal discoveries that earned others the coveted prize.

    Dr. Kibble, who died on June 2 in London at 83, was long associated with Imperial College London. His research spanned the scales of physics, explaining fundamental interactions among the building blocks of matter as well as theorizing about the topology of the cosmos.

    [article continues]
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    Thanks for letting us know. Its always so sad to see someone so talented leave us behind.
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    Jonathan Scott

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