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Wellcome to the desert of the real

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    wellcome to the desert of the "real"

    I would like to think since we can teletransport a photon, eventually we could learn HOW to transform us into light and then after teletransport ourselves. :confused: I’d like to think the shortest way to unite two points is not a straight line but just bending the paper or dragging the carpet (with the table above) towards me without having to reach the table, bending the cosmos in our benefit rather than traveling with a rocketship. I’d like to think a fistful of priests and shamans learned in pyramids or mountains how to transform men into gods, like Mayas said, taking advantage of natural windows or doors in the tissue of space-time in spite of the fact the rest of mortals were deceived by hyperdimensional cherubs who demanded to pour blood-sould on the ground for their own pleasure while dwelling in their dungeons, like Hellraiser’s Cenobites trapped in Tesseracts or Pandora’s hypercube pandemonium, Aladin lamp for the “djiings”.
    We’ve discussed here math have been perceived or “inspired” like dreams. But I do ask: dreams and thoughts occupy “space” or can we measure that? Philosopher Imanuel Kant thought, “if everything that exists (matter)is in space, is space a reality existing IN itself? If everything that happens exists in time, could time exist in itself? His conclusion was space-time is not outside but within us like spiritual forms to receive impressions from senses. Space without things inside it melts or dissolves like water in the hands, the same with time without the happenings in it.
    Scientific American magazine describes issues saying universe is like hologram. Einstein’s protégée, physicist David Bohm from London University, expert in quantum and Karl Pribram, neurophysilogist from Stanford are quoted in Michael Talbot’s ‘Holographic Universe’. It says the way a laser beam reflects in the construction of hologram is quite like the nerve impulse propagated at the end of a neuron, our memory is holographic and the whole existence is perceived as that. Memory is engrams, it was thought to be a specific place in cerebral neurons. Brain doesn’t feel pain as we can see people operated while in full consciousness. Brains from epileptic been aware and electrically stimulated in temporal sides, allowed them to remember incredible details like full detailed conversations, a sequence recording of events from the spiderweb you saw when you were a kid to the face of unknown man among thousands of people in the street. Cutting brains of rats it was discovered there were no such files of memory even if scientists keep on cutting the brains, memory was DISTRIBUTED through the whole brain, the same happened in patients with removed cerebral areas. In laser hologram if the film is cut to half and then illuminated by other laser beam, each half has the COMPLETE IMAGE of the photographed image and you can repeat the operation over and over.
    Poland professor of theorial physics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Jacob Bekenstein, receipient of Rothschild Prize and John Wheeler :cool: :cool: have imagined a universe with 5 dimensions, an hologram in the surface of 4 dimensions in its periphery. A black hole in 5 dimensions of space-time equivalent to caloric radiation, an hologram with the same entropy though different origin. An hologram, is good to remember, is 3D recorded in 2D surface. The holographic universe could have 10 followed by 100 zeros bits of entropy, each bit corresponding to 4 Plank areas. Imagine we live in a 2D universe closed as an sphere or like paper sheet. Brief burst of light issuing simultaneously and perpendicularly from all over one side, light emitted from the inner surface of a spherical shell.
    If that is the case, maybe we are just like Arnold Schwarzenegger as invented character in celluloid film in the movie “The Last Superheroe” or something like this the title. You’re princess Leia hologram coming out from R2D2 as a beam of light. You think maybe you’re rational living entity but you’re mere Replicant from Blade Runner, or program in TRON or 13th Floor films. You’re just stupid Chaplin making fast and ridiculous movements just as a FRAME and ignoring you’re in the middle of the historical tape but can’t go to the past, the dinosaurs CO-EXISTING with you in the same space but different time in side A of the tape. You’re something of superior “dense” hologram touching and seeing everything around which is just an holodeck like you, so you wouldn’t know your pitiful existence. You can’t go to the future (side B in the other side of videotape of history)where is already registered Mars dissapearance and our Earth “day” reduced to the third part like Apocaliptic vision of 16 hours.
    The only way you could leave your miserable program and edited FRAME-LIFE is in case you exist, but do you? Unless someone switches on AGAIN something within you linked to melatonine or somewhere, something that was unplugged by envious dimensional entities as legends suggest. Then you wouldn’t need to bend the universe Moebius ribbon cos you would be in different dimensions and times like “One” written by Richard Bach or Mr.Data converted into 3 Mr. Datas.
    Then suddenly, I’d be bored of math and theories and mumble jumble and I ‘d choose to practice Osho (Rajneesh)’s or Gurdjiev exercises and will begin to have consciousness of two pauses while breathing in and out, and the things around me, or paying attention whenever I cross each and every door and I’d realize the world is sleeping…

    (Keanu Reeves said that interpreting Siddartha Gautama, Buda, what a coincidence for the one who performs a Neo-Messiah in Matrix and Johny Mnemothic plug in virtual reality, and Lurence Fishburn not only is the Master of Dreams, Morpheus, but worked in Nightmare on Elm Street)
    …, the world is hypnotized but what they see, watch, smell, hear. In this very moment you became like Dali’s surrealistic painting. You BECAME your eyes like if the screen of your desktop SUCKED YOU IN, forgot completely the metallic sound of the computer, the noise outside, the movement of your left or right foot, the stupid expression upon your face, the refrained desire to go to the bathroom in order to take a quick leash. So, Laurence Fishburn is not gonna wake you up. I tell you what, not even Keanu Reeves comprehends why he did all those characters, why he doesn’t have a present father, why his best friend died and his mom and his ex-girl friend and the baby and probably his sister one after another in the REAL MATRIX. while the spectators of the movie glued their eyes hypnotized by the flat bidimensional screen showing Matrix!The whole lotta you lives like the way you drive your car, by memory and mechanic. Not like the day you were learning to drive, checking everything, the mirror, the horn, the cars in front, the highway, the warning of the co-driver, the lateral vision. That’s your everyday breakfast, your sex with your partner, your speeches at the university, your miserable routine theatrical act. Wanna cry, wanna reduce your scientist ego to Flatlander scale or subatomic size, it’s pretty simple rent immediately a film without a single word, KOLNATSKAYA (or something pretty much like this is the name) and witness the stature of our lives, echoing Jesus’ words. Pay attention to the NOW.
    The whole lotta you became your eyes and are reading NOW (after the micro ticking part of a second –half life of a particle- reached your eyes and then the image was upside down at the back of your eyes and then again re-interpreted normally by the brain) puff, it was gone, it’s already past. Your whole life you have been tasting, eating, smelling, watching, hearing AFTER. Your existence is in the past. There must be something better than this dense realms of mass, something not limited by past.
    If I ever reached Nirvana, then I could say NOT like Descartes “I think therefore I am” cos you are like in state of coma but anyway you are before the thought; but I will say like Osho, I Am therefore I am. Until then I regret to say unto thee “WE ARE NOT”. If you’re unconscious even in your day light somnambulism, you are not, you’re a zombie, a dead alive, a machine. :eek:
    In the film, The Passion of the Christ I heard in Aramaic, Jesus’ utterance “ana hu” which is the equivalent to Hebrew “ani hu”. It was in the scene when Peter cuts off someone’s ear. That’s a mistake cos they simply translated from Koine Greek in John 18:1-8 saying “ego eimí” (meaning I am anybody). But Christ wasn’t talking Greek to Greeks and we know he repeated twice the sacred thing. He was saying REALLY the sacred name of God, something that can be said in English like the translated “I-Jeh” or “J-Veh” or “Y-Veh”. Christ could applied this to himself –perhaps like Buda saying the equivalent- because he was aware, he had consciousness, he wasn’t a FRAME like we are, he wasn’t a program in the hologram but he chose to adapt to the “destiny” better than Minority Report with Tom Cruise.
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    Descartes words in Latin are famous "COGITO ERGO SUM", I think, therefore I am. Yet, your being precedes the thought. You can be without thinking but can't think without being. Reality (just for the conscious ones) is SUM ERGO SUM, I am, therefore I am.
    Brain needs 10800 options going through 14 billion neurons plus conections, our gray mass processes more info than the atoms of the universe...that you think is "real". Think about that!
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    The film I was making reference is KOYANISKATSKY, it's Hopi language meaning "disordered life". It's worth it. It had 2 sequels, the second was POYASKATSI. I don't remember the name of the 3rd one.
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