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Top 10 unis in the Uk for physics?

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    Ok I know this will be diffrrent for many different people but what in "your" (if you have a clue what you are talking about) are the top 10 schools for physics in the UK?

    P.S. by this i am referring to prestige and not on their "value added" rubbish which league tables take into account!
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    With no evidence to back it up and likely to cause trouble but:
    Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, Durham, QMW,Manchester,
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    Cool thanks. But thats only 6! Plus wouldnt you put Oxford in the top 10? Also what is QMW? And thinking about it dosnt york deserve a place?
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    QMW is queen mary college London. Used to be called QMC in my day then merged with/absorbed a lot of other colleges - probably called QMWERTYUIOP now .
    Never been to the physics dept at York - the university is nice though.
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    I thought they were shutting QMW down.

    I'll find you a list...

    e2a: afaic, quality comes from research -- you'll get a good idea from the last research scores (even if they are 6 years old now):

    http://www.hero.ac.uk/rae/rae_dynamic.cfm?myURL= [Broken]

    (5*A best, then 5A, 5B... etc)
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    Really, it depends on the type of Physics you want to do... but then I would never choose a university on prestige alone. I would pick it on 'does it feel right and would I enjoy it there' ;)
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    iv done Physics at Uk universities and have had interview at these top universties..

    1. OXFORD
    3. UCL
    4. CAMBBRIDGE (only therotical physics..more like maths)
    5. BRISTOL
    6. WARWICK
    7. YORK

    QMW is a crap uni.....u dont need 10....these are suffcient..if u want 10 ..go to the league tables analyze them yourself..and go to each of the indivudual uni...its not only about the course end of the day...u have to see if you would like the environment..would you like more open space like BRUNEL, BRISTOL..oxford
    or u want it cramped like this city centre of London,...like Kings etc..its upto i can only give my advice..
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    For an undergrad the RAE rankings or citation scores don't really mean a lot.
    What matters -
    1, Is the course about to be closed, how many staff/students do they have ?
    2, Will a future employer have heard of the Uni?
    3, Is it somewhere you want to live - centre of london or a leafy campus?
    4, Where will you live, how expensive, will you ever meet anyone not on your course?
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