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Topics of Debate in the Thermo-Fluids Realm

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    Hello all,

    I am currently taking a technical writing course as part of my Mechanical Engineering degree. I am also going to be shifting into my MS curriculum next semester as part of a combined BS/MS program. I was hoping to make my current writing assignment useful to my future studies instead of choosing a topic at random just to get it done. I was hoping some people who are already out in the field could offer me some direction.

    I need to write a paper that is on some topic of debate in the ME field. Since I am going to be going into the thermo-fluids realm of ME, I was hoping to find something in that field that is currently being debated. I would then do a literature survey and form some sort of opinion/proposal based on the current information out there.

    Googling 'topics of debate in thermodynamics' is not really getting the ball rolling for me. Perhaps some of you know of some topics of debate that might be interesting for a student that will be do his MS in thermo/fluid dynamics. Combustion is a serious possibility for me.

    Again, the nature of the topic should be something that is being debated. Whether it be a method of measurement; an interpretation of some experiment; or a debate as to whether CFD simulation is suitable for a particular application. In any case, a topic with good existing sources would be preferable.

    Hoping for your expert opinions on this. I could just as easily do this paper on something mundane, but I would really like to use this opportunity to get my feet wet in my field. I feel like those that have already been doing this can best guide me.

    Thanks for any input :smile:

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    Combustion CFD is still very young. Perhaps you could compare some of the different models and show some validation cases?
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    Hi Minger :smile: Could you possibly elaborate a little for me? I am not sure that I understand what is being debated. Also, I would need to be able to find some good sources where people are taking a position on either side of the debate.

    Thanks again for replying!

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    Theres a lot of debate going about thermochemical cycles and the validity of many proposed cycles. I can't think of anything thats under question about thermo, as its a pretty black and white topic.

    There's a HUGE debate between fuel cells and batteries going on right now. Lots of information about it as well. I don't know if this is up your ally or not though depending on what area of the thermo-fluid sciences you are in.
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    Hi Topher925 :smile: There does seem to be a lot of information out there on the fuel cell/battery debate! It's not exactly my strongest interest, but it is a start. Thanks!

    I am still open to other suggestions if anyone has them.

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