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Brainstorming for a self-directed class project

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    I need to choose a topic for a class project involving fluids and/or thermodynamics.

    It will essentially be a feasibility study on some proposed improvement to an engineering system (of my choosing). For instance, it could be an improvement to a power plant component that increases combustion efficiency by so-and-so and reduces the carbon footprint by x amount. I'm kind of interested in sticking more to the fluid dynamics side of things than the thermo side, but I'm not limited to one or the other.

    Some vague ideas that I've had so far have included:
    - missile design or submarine design (maybe something that reduces missile plume? or the turbine efficiency?)
    - water pumping systems for residential areas
    ... and that's about it.

    Can you help me by listing some ideas that fit the bill?
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    Tidal energy project?, but not everywhere in the world has coastal geography which makes that feasible
    (If I had a handle on the controls.a tidal generator in the sea between England and France is a good idea.
    But the Dutch might be not be very happy about that.
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    I imagine it would depend on which class you're taking. Assuming it's a fluid mechanics or thermo class I would suggest one of the following:
    - drag reduction devices on cylindrical vessels (i.e., long vertical pipes in the ocean subjected to ocean currents)
    - gas bubble dynamics in non-newtonian fluids (i.e., behavior of rising gas bubbles in a non-newtonian fluid)

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm still looking into possible fluid dynamics projects. Any thermo/combustion related ideas?
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