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Transactional Interpretation Absorber?

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    I'm just curious, but I've been reading about Transactional Interpretation For some time now and I know about the law of causality, Wave function collapse, etc. My question is How would I know when a Absorber (object) emits a Confirmation wave to my emitter (laser) which offers an offer wave? How would i be able to observe the absorbers wave? Please provide Good info and please no negative comments. Thank you.
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    transactional interpretation works on the principle of half advanced and half retarded wave.It was an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the infinities of classical electrodynamics in the hope that if classical electrodynamics will not contain infinity then it might be possible to avoid divergence in quantum electrodynamics.In this theory there is no self interaction of electrons and there is interaction with other electrons only.you can see here for details
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