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Programs Transfer All PhD Credit Hours to US or Other Country

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    I am very happy with my first post in your forum and I hope I can get replies from many people.

    I have a question if you can advise. I have completed all academic requirements toward getting the PhD (10 courses (30 hours) and comprehensive exam), My degree I want to get is a PhD Computer Science and Engineering. I wrote the proposal for the PhD degree. I am still working during the day and persuading my PhD degree as part time.

    Now, the university in Saudi Arabia KFUPM (www.kfupm.edu.sa) is asking me to be full time resident in the university for one year as part of the PhD requirements which is too difficult to get from my company.

    I was thinking of some options and I have question for you if you don't mind. One option out of the box I thought is to transfer my credit hours I have completed in KFUPM plus the comprehensive exam I have passed to a university in US (or other country) accredited as normal study not distance or online learning study and then doing only the dissertation there without being resident for one year, but may be resident for 1, 2 or 3 months which I can get from my vacations this year and next year. This option has a positive side other than avoiding the one year resident in KFUPM, which is getting the PhD degree from a second university other than KFUPM which I have got from my BS and MS. In the same time, I can still working on the same project proposal but with different team members .

    This is a thought I want to ask you if it is a real option and there is university in US (or other country) that accepts that, with your recommendation.

    Many thanks in advance for your advise.
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    Vanadium 50

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    This is not an option in the US. One cannot simply transfer credits at the graduate level.
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    Also, many US schools have residence requirements for Ph.D. students as well.
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    This seems awfully restrictive. I don't know if a professor will like the idea of hosting you as a student and have you only work on your own project?. I've heard of PhD students moving to other universities, but it is only before passing qualifying exams and others.
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    It is. The only situation in the US which a university will let you transfer is if a professor moves between universities in which case, they may be able to take their students with them.

    UK has a very different system for Ph.D.'s.
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