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Transfering after 4th year of UG?

  1. Feb 18, 2015 #1
    So my situation is a little odd.

    The first part is that I'm double-majoring in physics and electrical engineering. Currently, I'm a "junior", in that I'm in my third year and have junior standing. However, there is a bit of weirdness. Because of all of the requirements of my major, I'm going to be at least a 6-year student, even with summer classes. I won't even take my first advanced (300-level) until the second semester of next year.

    If that seems late even given my academic plan, there is a reason for that. I got really sick during my first term on campus and had to take medical excuse for a number of classes, intro classes that are only offered in the Fall (meaning I had to wait an extra year to even start my major) and my second semester I could only do part-time. All of this is of course documented (the courses are listed in my transcript as "excused-medical", and there are records with student health).

    I don't want to finish those last two years here. What I really think I would want to do is apply to transfer at the end of my "senior" year or halfway through it. At this point, I'm looking for schools that will allow something like that.

    As for my info (to get a picture of what kind of schools I might be able to get into):

    GPA: 3.6

    Credits completed: 77

    Major: Electronics engineering, physics

    Activities: Society of Physics Students chapter (President), fencing team, math team, student orchestra

    Work: TA'd in the EE and math departments, did research in physics department and was also employed with them to help build/maintain a number of the experimental demos for freshman lab classes.

    High school info (since application forms seem to request it though I'm not sure how much it would matter at this point)

    ACT: 33
    HS GPA: 2.9 (got it together in college)
    AP courses and exam scores: Calculus AB (5), US Government (4), AP Psychology (5)
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    Most colleges and universities take a maximum of 64 credits. That's it. You can work with them and have them cherry pick (may help your GPA, then again, they may just transfer in as pass/fail so as to NOT affect the new school's GPA).

    A few schools will take more, usually private and expensive schools, not your top tier schools will take more, but you will need to check with your prospective school.

    Unless your current school offers you NOTHING in your new choice of major, you should try to stay. Leaving will most likely cost you ANOTHER year of schooling (theoretically only another semester: 77-64= 13 credits). And you might get the new school to allow you to test out of some classes via departmental exams and CLEP. If you are seriously thinking of this, you need to contact your new school immediately and see how many of these options are available to you.

    Good luck.
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